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Wantagh ny Aug,14: david lee roth,of van halen performs

The Definitive 80s Bands That Shaped an Era

The music industry saw a significant revolution in the 1980s as musicians boldly pushed the limits of sound and inventiveness. Artists adeptly blended many genres to wow audiences with their unique, catchy tunes and captivating live shows. Talking Heads Editorial...
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The 20 Best Rock Bands of the 70s

The 1970s saw a huge shift in rock music with the emergence of several influential bands and subgenres. The use of complex instruments and experimental sound design were two features that set 1970s rock music apart. Deep Purple Editorial credit:...

The 21 Best Drum Solos of All Time

In the rock and roll symphony, drummers often serve as the supporting cast, providing enticing guitar riffs and seductive vocals that usually steal the stage. Occasionally though, the drums do come forward, grabbing the limelight and putting on a thrilling solo to take center stage. These incidents...

20 Most Famous Guitarists of All Time

The guitar is more than simply a tool; it represents passion, inventiveness, and inventiveness in music. Some people have used this amazing six-string instrument throughout history to create a unique medium for artistic expression. The top 20 guitarists of all time have not only perfected their art but also...

21 Best Bands of the 60s

A revolution in music occurred in the 1960s, resulting in the emergence of several new musical genres. In no particular order, we include a few of the most well-known musical groups that spearheaded this expansion. The Kinks Editorial credit: Kraft74...
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10 Worst Band Names in the History of Rock and Roll

A band's name has a significant role in determining its success. If you've never heard of a group play, a memorable name can make the difference between you giving it a shot and scrolling past With that said a few bands in the early stages of ban-dom have damaged themselves....
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Top 30 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

A compelling guitar solo has the unique ability to maintain audience attention. For many years, these solos have mesmerized listeners and served as motivation for budding musicians. Presented below is a compilation of the top 30 guitar solos ever recorded. All Along The Watchtower...
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12 Musicians We Could Do With Less Of

Understanding that music can provoke a wide range of emotions may help us understand why we feel such a strong connection to some performers and instantly turn up the volume when their melodies float through the air. However, certain musicians can cause us to scowl or immediately...
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN / USA - March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena

12 Bands That Are Universally Despised

These bands are well known all over the globe, have sold out shows, won awards, had a lot of radio play, and are just not able to please everyone. Let's have some fun with some of the all-time most disliked bands. Nickelback
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12 Worst Band Names in the History of Rock and Roll

With certain terms having double meanings, society grew more sensitive to words. And with band names, people nowadays tend to think in the literal sense. Here are 12 artists that would have disastrous concerts if they embodies their names. 1. Anthrax
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