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Brass instruments list featured image from Fished That.

Brass Instruments List

From marching bands and classical orchestras to jazz, brass instruments remain a significant component of modern-day music. That's why it's important to be familiar with the brass instruments list. And, this article gives you a closer look at these musical instruments. What Is...
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13 Famous Tuba Players (And Their Popular Recordings)

These famous tuba players are known in the music industry for their talents, impeccable performances, and influence to inspire tuba students. Who are these tuba players and what are their accomplishments? You'll soon find out! We've also included a video of their popular recordings so you can...
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11 Famous Trombone Players

These 11 famous trombone players are known for their distinct playing styles and contributions. Who are they? Let's find out in this article. Who Are the Most Famous Trombone Players? Our list of famous trombone players includes the likes of...
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11 Most Famous Trumpet Players of All Time

These famous trumpet players are considered masters of the brass wind instrument. They can beautifully and harmoniously fit the instrument with different styles like classical, rock, blues, jazz, and even pop. Who are they? Let's find out in our list of most famous trumpeters.
Trombone Mouthpiece

12 Best Trombone Mouthpieces

As a trombone player, you want to have the best equipment possible in order to play the best music. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the trombone mouthpiece. Trombone mouthpieces provide a significant contribution to the success of your performance....
Tuba Low Instruments

What Are the Lowest Pitched Instruments?

Many instruments are capable of producing tones over a wide range of pitches. However, there are a few instruments that produce tones that are deeper than others. Low pitched instruments tend to be larger than instruments that produce high tones, as a result of the structure required for low...
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