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Learning Piano

How to Learn Piano

The piano is a beautiful instrument. There are countless ways to go about learning it. Since everyone is different, it can be challenging to find the perfect learning method. However, if you do some digging, you’ll discover what’s best for you. Keep reading, and I’ll go through the best...
Best Piano Stickers

Best Piano Stickers

Learning piano is a great pursuit whether you’re a young student just start out or an adult trying to pick up a new hobby. However, learning all of the notes on the piano can be challenging for any beginner. That's where piano stickers come in. Piano stickers show you...
piano tuning

How to Tune a Piano

The piano is a very delicate instrument that requires tuning at least yearly and, if possible, even three times a year. It can be quite challenging to tune on your own so we recommend hiring someone to tune it instead which will set you back at least $100, but save...
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