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piano concerto

Best Piano Concertos of All Time

As we all know, piano concertos are extremely popular all over the world. The beautiful melody of the piano accompanied by the orchestra can...
beethoven's fifth record disc

Variations on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Beethoven's 5th Symphony is one of the most well-known pieces of music ever composed. In fact, if you ask anyone to hum a melody...


violin player

10 Best Violin Concertos of All The Time

American Grammy award winner violinist, Mr. Joshua David Bell once was quoted saying “When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and...
cello concerto

Best Cello Concertos of All Time

Cellos have the greatest solo repertoire in orchestras after violins, though many cellists would argue that their pieces are better. The smoothness of the...


Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin Outfit Natural Flame Amp

Best Electric Violins 2019 – Top 10 Electric Violins & Brands

While traditional violins are classy and sleek, an electric violin should be a staple of a violinist's collection due to their cool design and sounds. Electric violins are favored by many of today's violinists because they deliver a much more progressive sound which can be used in various contemporary songs. They also sound great by themselves! An added benefit of electric violins (also known as silent violins) is that you can practice your violin without disturbing others. You can use headphones instead of an amp to play the electric violin so you can practice whenever you want, even at 3am! While...

10 Best Cello Strings Review 2019

Buying the best cello strings that make your cello sound amazing can be challenging when there are so many options on the market. Cellists tend to spend the most time of any stringed instrument players finding the right strings for their instrument because strings affect the sound of cellos more so than they do for violins and violas. We have reviewed and ranked the best cello strings available below to make your search for the best cello strings that much easier. Our #1 cello string recommendation this year is Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold. There is no one cello string that sounds great on all...
yamaha electric violin

Best Yamaha Electric Violins – Buying Guide for 2019

While acoustic violins generally get all of the attention, electric violins are instruments that can wow an audience. These violins can be made to sound like almost anything you want since their sound is all digital. One of the best makers of electric violins is none other than Yamaha, maker of many other great instruments. In this article, we'll show you the best Yamaha electric violins so you can start playing the electric violin from a quality brand. If you want to see what other electric violin brands we recommend, check out our guide on the best electric violins. Best Yamaha...

10 Best Cello Cases and Gig Bags 2019

Cellos are very delicate instruments that can get scratched or broken very easily due to their size and weight. Even if you are extremely careful with your cello, storing and carrying it in a cello bag may lead to damage if the cello accidentally bumps into a wall or drops. That's where hard cello cases come into play. We're going to talk about the best hard cello cases that are available on the market. When picking your cello case or gig bag, consider how you will be carrying your cello and how often. If you fly a lot buy one of the...
best viola bows

Best Viola Bows 2019

A viola bow is one of a fundamental thing that a player should possess aside from the instrument itself. Having the right viola bow could either make or break a violist's performance, making it a crucial part of a player's ensemble equipment. Since there are a lot of viola bows on the market, a young viola player might find it challenging to determine which among the viola bows is the best to use. Hence, violists should consider several features which would help them decide on the most appropriate viola bow for their instrument. On this article, we are going...
stentor violin

Best Violin Brands for Beginners 2019

Buying a violin can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are buying the best violin and best violin brand. You want to buy a violin from a company that is has a great reputation so that you know you are getting a high-quality violin. We're here to share with you what violin brands we recommend so that you can be confident that you are buying one of the best violin brands. Our list of the best violin brands below is based on quality and affordability. It is intended to help you select a high-value violin brand that fits...
cecilio cvn 300 review

Cecilio CVN-300 Violin Review 2019

The thought of learning a new musical instrument can be so exciting, but actually going into the market and looking all of the instruments can make you stop and take a few deep breaths. It’s so overwhelming when you have so much variety available, especially if you are a novice who knows very little about what one should look for in a violin. You may have come across the Cecilio CVN-300 Violin in one of your online or offline searches for relatively cheaper and good violins for beginners. We are here to review it and list down some of its...
cecilio cello

10 Best Cello Brands & Models 2019 – Buying Guide

Buying a cello can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are buying the right cello. That's were we come in! We want you to buy a quality cello from a reputable company. We have carefully screen all of the cello brands below so that you know if you buy a cello from these companies, you are getting a great one. We have evaluated these cello brands on quality and affordability. They are all cello brands that provide high value and can fit into your budget. Finding the best cello for you can be a challenge since every...
stentor violin

16 Best Violin Brands and Models 2019

Buying a new violin can a huge investment and challenge if you don't know what to look for. That's why we're here! We want to make your buying decision much easier. We have reviewed and tested the violins to below so that we can provide you the best violin recommendations. Most violins cost somewhere between $200-$5000, and the violin brands listed below are within that price range. We will call out typical prices and recommendations for skill level for each of the best violin brands below. Best Violin Brands 2019 Below are our favorite violin brands for each level of player. We'll start with...
violin amp

Best Electric Violin Amps

If you are a player with an electric violin, you would always want your performance to be heard. Even when you are just rehearsing at home or at a studio, you should always see to it that you can hear the music you are playing. Therefore, you need to have with you the best violin amplifiers. These gadgets could highly affect your performance. Because of this, you should purchase the right model from the best brand. As a violinist, you should be mindful of the appropriate model that would be based on your preference. Since there are a lot of...

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