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mandolin man

Best Mandolins 2024

The mandolin has always been a favorite instrument played folk and classical artists. It is a stringed instrument noted for its four sets of two strings. In addition to this, the mandolin comes in a number of styles which would suit your interest. The best mandolins can surely provide...
Best Piano Dollies & Trolleys

Best Piano Dollies & Trolleys 2024

Transferring your piano can be a daunting task, considering the fact that it is a pretty heavy instrument. You would need more than yourself even to carry it nearby. So what more if you are transferring it a little farther than where you are? Do you know what you...
Best Guitar Stools

Best Guitar Stools 2024

For guitar players, having a support chair or stool when playing is really important. While you can certainly stand and hang the guitar from a strap, it gets tiring after a while. For those who will spend a long time performing (especially classical guitar music), we recommend getting one...
Best Bass Guitar Picks

Best Bass Guitar Picks 2024

Bass guitar picks, albeit small and handy, actually provide a significant impact on both the method of the player and the tone of the music being played. Fortunately, there many bass guitar players which are currently sold on the market. Since deciding on which tool to use is quite...
Best Piano Lamps

Best Piano Lamps & Piano Lights 2024

Piano lamps serve a lot of purposes, but they do come in handy especially if you play or practice at night. Since there are a lot of piano lamps on the market, it can be difficult to find a great one. We evaluated hundreds of piano lamps to find the...
best tenor ukuleles

Best Tenor Ukuleles: 2024 Review

Tenor ukuleles are particularly noted for their classic and vibrant sound making them great instruments for advanced or professional ukulele players. Tenor ukuleles has a relatively larger size than other ukuleles, making it more convenient and more comfortable for those with larger hands. Since there are a lot of...
piano accordion

Best Piano Accordions 2024

Piano accordions are one of the classic instruments that remind us of simpler times or draw us to a foreign market street. It can be challenging to find information about piano accordions online which makes it hard to know which accordion to buy. We've put together a list of...
electric ukulele

Best Electric Ukuleles Review 2024

Ukuleles, in general, are musical instruments which are noted for their distinct tone and their ease of use characteristics. Beginners who are interested in playing such would find learning and playing ukuleles to be enjoyable. Electric ukuleles, in particular, are great especially if you are performing on stage. However,...
Gift Guide For Pianists

14 Best Gifts for Pianists & Piano Teachers 2024

Need a gift for a favorite piano player? Finding a great gift can be tough, but don't fear! Whether you're looking for Christmas, birthday, or just general gifts, your pianist will love the best gifts for pianists below. Feel free to list your favorite pianist gifts in the comments! Best...
Best Ukulele brands and models

Best Beginner Ukuleles 2024 – Buying Guide for Beginners

Ukuleles have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only are they easy to play with, but they are also able to produce a bright and resonating tone that is particularly pleasant to the ear, conjuring up visions of beaches on a tropical island. Such popularity of the...
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