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bango cases

Best Banjo Hard Cases

A lot of banjo players are always on the go, especially for professionals who play for a living. When you travel to other places...
featured image of Orchestra Central 4 string vs 5 string bass article

4 String vs 5 String Bass: Which Bass to Choose?

4 string and 5 string bass may look very similar, but these two offer a different playing experience that may or may...
Ukulele string names featured image from Orchestra Central

Guide to Ukulele String Names, Notes, and Numbers

A new ukulele player might find it difficult to track which string to play. The good news? There's an easier way! Knowing...
String instruments list featured image from Orchestra Central

String Instruments List

String instruments are so versatile you can hear them in every musical era and genre of music - even classical music! And...
piano bench

Best Piano Benches and Piano Chairs

Pianos are instruments that need a proper bench. Whether you are purchasing your first piano or keyboard or upgrading your piano bench, we ranked...
mandolin man

Best Mandolins 2022

The mandolin has always been a favorite instrument played folk and classical artists. It is a stringed instrument noted for its four sets of...
Featured image of Orchestra Central's parts of a ukulele

What Are the Parts of a Ukulele?

The fretboard and headstock are some of the well-known parts of a ukulele. But did you know that this small stringed instrument...
Best Travel Guitars

Best Travel Guitars: Great for Trips, Camping, & Backpacking

When you are a guitar who has dedicated your life on the road, finding the right guitar to suit your lifestyle sure is quite...
Best Digital Pianos For Under $500

Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

Jump starting a music career while on a budget could be difficult, especially since you need to look for a product that screams quality...
Famous Guitar Player

20 Most Famous Guitarists of All Time

Lists of the greatest guitarists generally focus on performers in the blues and rock eras of the modern guitar. And there are...
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