Best Digital Pianos for Under $500


Jump starting a music career while on a budget could be difficult, especially since you need to look for a product that screams quality while being affordable. Of course, you don’t just grab the first piano that you see on the market just because it is within your budget. You have to make sure that it has everything you are looking for from a digital piano. In this article, we summarize the best digital pianos for less than $500 so that you can be sure you’re buying a quality piano without breaking the bank.

Overall Best Keyboard Piano for Less than $500

Yamaha YPT-260 – $129.99

The Yamaha YPT-260 is an affordable and amazing keyboard that is perfect for anyone just getting started.

• 61 keys
• Less than $150
• Over 400 voices

1. Yamaha YPT 260 Piano Keyboard

The Yamaha YPT 260 is our favorite beginner keyboard. It makes it very easy to start playing and the price is amazing. It has 61 keys with 32 max polyphony notes. The keyboard comes with interactive tutorials and lessons. The USB connectivity lets you connect to compatible devices and jam with the built-in speakers. The keyboard can also be split so that students and teachers can sit side-by-side for lessons.

In addition to the great teaching capabilities, the YPT-260 comes with 384 voices including orchestra, grand piano, and organ, and over 100 rhythms.

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  • Simple user experience.
  • Access to step-by-step lessons.
  • Over 384 voices.
  • Full bundle.
  • Not great for recording.

2. Yamaha P71 Weighted Keyboard

The Yamaha P71 comes with 88 fully weighted keys that feel like genuine piano keys. It’s offered at a great price of $479.99 which is amazing for a fully weighted keyboard.

The keyboard comes with 10 different voices, including sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos so you can get the sound of the real deal from this keyboard. The dual-mode allows you to play with two voices at once so you can simulate for example playing piano and strings. It comes with a sustain pedal and power cord for playing.

Yamaha P71 - Best Keyboard Pianos

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  • Dual voice mode.
  • Acoustic feel.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Reviewers have commented that sometimes the quality assurance isn’t the best.

3. Alesis Recital Pro

The Alesis Recital Pro has a lot to offer for the price. The hammer action keys come with adjustable touch responses and are of great quality for the price. The keyboard has 128 note polyphony and 12 onboard voices including pianos, electric pianos, strings, and organs. The 20W speakers stand out amount its rivals.

The keyboard comes with a built-in metronome and recording feature that lets you record and playback your progress. Alesis is known for making great MIDI controllers, so the Recital Pro will work well with your DAW or VST.

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  • Great hammer action keys
  • Great MIDI controller
  • Recording feature
  • Keys could be more responsive and expressive

4. Casio CTK-2550 Portable Keyboard

The next product on this list is the Casio CTK-2550 Portable Keyboard. This product comprises 61 keys that you can play with. It also consists of a dance music mode where you can play 50 built-in dance music rhythms. It also includes 48-note polyphony, 400 tones, and 100 rhythms. With its features, you can easily practice playing.

Casio CTK-2550 Portable Keyboard - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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5. Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard features a variety of sounds and functions, perfect for beginners. Its 61full-sized keys are great for developing your keyboard playing technique. In addition to this, you can further improve your skills using its Yamaha Education Suite that has more than 100 preset songs. The aux line input allows you to connect any music device with a headphone output.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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6. Casio WK-245 PPK Premium Portable Keyboard

What makes the Casio WK-245 PPK Premium Portable Keyboard distinct from the rest is its large backlit LCD display that provides everything in view, including music notation. The performance controls are right at your fingertips, allowing you to combine tones as layers and split the keyboard too. In addition to this, this product features 600 built-in tones, 180 preset rhythms, and 48 notes of polyphony.

Casio WK-245 PPK Premium Portable Keyboard - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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7. Yamaha NP32 Portable Digital Piano

The next product on our list is the Yamaha NP32 Portable Digital Piano. This consists of 76-keys with a Graded Soft Touch action that provides gentle weighting while retaining the soft touch of this digital piano. Its advanced wave memory stereo sampling recreates natural instrument sound in stereo. Additional upgrades of this piano include 64-note polyphony, extended battery life, and a song recorder function.

Yamaha NP32 Portable Digital Piano - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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8. Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano

The Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano consists of 88 full-sized hammer-action keys with adjustable touch response. It allows you to adjust the finger strengths and suit your desired playing style. This is loaded with 324 types of tone, vividly presenting the voices of different instruments. With 128-note max polyphony, you can easily and clearly distinguish tones in chorus and reverb under multiple occasions.

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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9. Roland GO:PIANO Digital Piano (GO-88P)

The Roland GO:PIANO Digital Piano (GO-88P) offers premium piano performance in a compact and affordable instrument. It consists of 88 full-size keys with standard pacing. It also consists of 128-voice polyphony. Lightweight and portable, you can play and store this piano anywhere.

Roland GO:PIANO Digital Piano (GO-88P) - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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10. Alesis Recital Digital Piano Keyboard

Completing our list is the Alesis Recital Digital Piano Keyboard. This product features 88 premium full-sized semi-weighted keys with an adjustable touch response that would suit your preferred playing style. It features five voices and built-in FX, giving you the opportunity to change your musical style. Thanks to its power adapter, you can play the keyboard anywhere.

Alesis Recital Digital Piano Keyboard - Best Digital Pianos for Under $500

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What to Look for in Digital Pianos for Under $500

Aside from the price, there are other essential features that you need to find when looking for the best digital pianos for less than $500. Even though you may need to trim your expectations when you set your budget at $500, you can still find some really great keyboards in this price range.

The Number of Keys

Different models of digital pianos have a different number of keys. Usually, the number of keys would depend on the level of the piano player. Usually, beginners start playing piano keyboards with fewer keys. This way, they can focus on their skill rather than the range of the keys. Moreover, digital pianos with a complete set of keys like the traditional ones could be intimidating to them. More professional piano players would choose piano keyboards with more octaves. Usually, the range of the keys could reach up to 88 keys. Many of our products on our list have 61 keys, however, the Yamaha P71 has a fully weighted keyboard with 88 keys.

The Action

When looking for the best digital pianos for less than $500, you should also consider their action or response. Action determines how well the keys of the piano respond when you press them down. The response of the keys would vary from one piano to another.

Weighted keys would respond like a traditional acoustic piano. Unweighted keys, on the other hand, would be easier to push down. In addition to this, hammer keys enhance the response. A synth set of keys would feel like an organ. So that you can practice playing, we recommend that you choose weighted keyboards.

The Sound

Finally, you should consider the sound that your digital piano would make. It is not enough that your piano is weighted, but it should mimic the sound that a traditional acoustic piano makes. Some digital pianos would generate a clanking sound. This does not really emulate the sound of an authentic acoustic piano.

You should also ensure that the digital piano that you are going to buy has other tones other than the piano sound. This way, you can develop your musicality by playing different tones. The number of rhythms should also be taken into consideration, so you can improve your piano skills along the way.

These are just a few of the features that you need to consider before you buy the best digital pianos for less than $500.


We hope that the list that we have curated has made you more aware of the best digital pianos for less than $500 that you can choose from. Whatever model you choose, we are confident that you will have a high-quality digital piano that would help you improve your musical talent. Just consider the ideal features that a good digital piano should have, then you are good to go. Weighing in on their features would make it better for you to pick the product of your liking.


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