10 Best Cello Brands & Models 2020 Review


Whether you are looking for a new cello for yourself, your child, or your student, it can be quite a process to find a new cello. Buying a cello can be expensive so you want to make sure that you are buying the right cello, especially if you’re looking to buy one online. That’s where we come in! We want you to buy a quality cello from a reputable online company. We have carefully screened all of the best cello brands below so that you know if you buy a cello from these companies, you know that you are getting a great one.

Best Cello Brand for Beginners

Cecilio, one of the most well-known cello brands, makes great instruments for beginners. Their cellos are high-quality at an affordable price. We recommend the CCO-100 and CCO-500 depending on your budget.

• Affordable
• Quality
• Complete starter kit

Best Beginner Cecilio Cellos

Best Cello Brand for Intermediate Players

Consistently rated as some of the best mid-tier cellos, D Z Strad cellos are known for their quality sound. Even though this is a mid-tier cello, the cellos come with everything you need to start playing.

• Highly rated
• High-quality sound
• Includes bow and case

Best Cello Brand for Advanced Players

Eastman’s hand-crafted cellos are known to be some of the best cellos for advanced players since they combine beauty with sound quality. Often going for $1,500+, these cellos should only be purchased by those who need a very high-quality instrument.

• Beautiful sound
• Look amazing
• Hand-crafted

eastman cello

Best Cello Brands 2020

Best Cello Brands and Models
We have listed our favorite cello brands below. We’ll start with an overview of the best cellos for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players. We’ll then list the remainder of our recommended cello brands below in the order that we recommend them. If you’re only looking for beginner cellos, check out our guide on the best cello brands for beginners.

Use this list as a guideline for which cello brands to buy. While not every cello brand on this list will fit your budget, experience level, or other search criteria, we hope it provides a great baseline to begin your search.

Cellos are expensive instruments, usually costing between $200-$5000 depending on the level of quality, so we wanted to make sure that we provided you with a list of the best cello brands.


Recommended For: Beginner Cello Players

Cecilio is a maker of great student cellos. They make student cellos are a large discount to traditional student cello manufacturers and their cellos are all hand-made. This is why we rated Cecilio as our number one cello brand.

Cecilio cellos are hand-carved from tonewoods with spruce tops, flamed maple sides and back, and inlaid purfling. This gives their cellos a look that exceeds their modest price point.

These cello outfits come with everything you need to get started, including a quality brazilwood bow with unbleached Mongolian horsehair and both a soft and hard case! Great value for your money.

Since Cecilio cellos provide so much value, we give them our highest recommendation as a beginner instrument. However, if you’re looking for an instrument for a more advanced player, we recommend that you look further.

Recommended Models:

Cecilio CCO-500 Student Cello

best cello brands - cecilio cellos

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D Z Strad

Recommended For: Intermediate Cello Players

DZ Strad cellos are our favorite mid-tier cello because of their sound quality and fine craftsmanship. The Model 150 in particular is a great instrument for the intermediate cello student because of these two features.

The company has workshops in New York and Minnesota so you know that these instruments are made with American quality in mind. The cellos themselves are hand-carved with Italian tonewoods that have been naturally dried which ensures stability.

D Z Strad cellos come with a soft cello case and a cello bow. For a high-quality cello that ranges between $600-$2000 depending on size, D Z Strad cellos offer a ton of value.

Recommended Models:

Eastman Strings

Recommended For: Advanced Cello Players

Eastman Strings is known for making high-quality intermediate and advanced cellos that sound beautiful. In fact, Strings Magazine often recommends the Eastman VC- 305 cello to players due to its superb playability and tone.

The cellos are handcrafted and come in either Stradivari or Tertis patterns. The cello package comes with a Despiau bridge and a metal alloy tailpiece.

If you buy Eastman cellos on Amazon, you’ll typically need to by the bow and cello case separatalely. As Eastman’s cellos designed for intermediate and advanced cellists, players typically know what type of cello bow they prefer.

Recommended Models:

Eastman Model VC305

eastman vc305

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Recommended For: Beginner Cello Players

Stentor cellos have made a name for themselves by making good quality cellos at an affordable price, similar to Cecilio. Stentors are great instruments to learn on before transferring to a professional cello. We like these beginner cellos and highly recommend them if you’re not into the Cecilios.

Stentor cellos are made in China, but inspected thoroughly in their United Kingdom workshops to make sure you are getting a quality instrument.

Stentor makes a wide variety of cellos that range from absolute beginner to intermediate.  The cellos are made in various sizes and are quite sturdy, giving parents piece of mind about carrying the cellos to and from school.

Stentor cellos are crafted out of solid tonewoods and include a solid ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fittings with maple sides and back, and a spruce top.

The starter kits on Amazon come with a cello bag, bow (usually brazilwood), and rosin.

Recommended Models:

Stentor 1102 Student Cello


best cello brands - stentor best cellos

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Stentor 1108 Student Cello

best cello brands - stentor best cellos

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Primavera Cellos

Recommended For: Intermediate Cello Players

Primavera cellos are a very affordable intermediate cello brand. Slightly more expensive than many of the beginner brands ($600-$1000), Primavera cellos are made out of high quality solid tonewoods, including hand carved maple and spruce with inlaid purfling. The fingerboard and pegs are made out of carved ebony, as well as the fittings. In addition, the Primavera intermediate cello outfit comes with a “student-proof” (ie. very strong) composite bow with an ebony frog and Mongolian horsehair. To make it even more student-proof, you can get a hard cello case for it.

Primavera has made several decisions to cut costs while improving the musical experience. For example, they use a metal alloy tailpiece with four fine tuners, instead of a solid wood tailpiece.

Primavera beginner cello outfits come in many sizes, so you can find the proper fit for you or your child. Most also come with a hardwood bow and soft bag.


Recommended For: Beginner Cello Players

Cremona cellos make great beginner instruments for a decent price tag. While the parts are made in China, Cremona cellos are assembled in California, so there is definitely American craftsmanship involved. Made out of select tone woods, such as hand-carved maple, spruce, and ebony, these cellos perform pretty well as-is, but can sound a lot better with minor improvements.

Out-of-the-box, Cremona cellos come with Prelude strings which are okay, but swapping them out for a higher-quality cello string brand can make a world of difference.

Cremona cellos are manufactured in the Cremona workshop in California using MENC standards. The MENC standard ensures that the instruments are playable out-of-the-box, and can be easily integrated into your child’s school orchestra or ensemble.

Each outfit on Amazon is shipped with a high-quality Brazilwood bow and a cello bag.

Best Cremona Cellos:

Cremona SC-100 Student Cello

See Pricing and Reviews on Amazon

Cremona SC-130 Student Cello

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Recommended For: Beginner

Merano’s make great beginner cellos for those who are very price-concious. Most of their cellos sell for a little more than $200, and while you won’t be able to sell them for much, they will meet the requirements of any beginner who needs a basic instrument to get started.

Merano fingerboards are not made from ebony so you will probably need to replace the fingerboard at some point if you keep it for long enough.

If you are on a budget, Merano cellos will work well.

Outfits on Amazon include a ton of extras including an extra set of strings, an extra bridge, rosin, cello bag, music stand, and electronic tuner. Buying a Merano cello outfit is one way to be up and playing in no time.

Recommended Models:

Merano MC100 Student Cello

best cello brands - merano cellos

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Merano MC200 Student Cello

best cello brands - merano cellos

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How to Buy a Cello

Before you even consider buying a cello, you should make you understand how to find the best cello and what you should look for in a cello. Read our guide on how to buy a cello to understand what makes a great cello and how to find one that fits in your budget.

You can also read our article about how to get started playing the cello to learn more about what to expect once you’ve bought a cello.


While most of the cello outfits above come with everything you need to get started, some of the packages don’t come with everything you need. Cellos need the following basic accessories such as rosin, a rock stop, a bow, a case/bag, etc. To find out what else you need, check out this buying checklist for cellos.

Buying a musical instrument online is a fairly recent thing with the advent of the internet. If you don’t feel comfortable buying an instrument online, we recommend trying out cellos at a local music shop before you shop online for the best deal. However, if you feel comfortable with Amazon’s return policy, you can certainly buy from them and return the cello if it doesn’t sound quite right.


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