14 Best Gifts for Cello Players 2024

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Need a gift for a favorite cello player? Finding the best cellist gifts for them can be tough, but don’t fear! Whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday, or just general gifts, your cellist will love the gifts below. Feel free to list your favorite cellist gifts in the comments!

New Strings

The rising cost of cello strings over the last decade has made many cellists unwilling or unable to replace their strings on a regular basis. Celloists are supposed to change their cello strings at least once a year, but many don’t due to the high cost. Buying your favorite cello player new strings will definitely make you their favorite relative.

We recommend the following string brand per our best cello strings review:

Pirastro – Evah Pirazzi Gold/Regular

We love Evah Pirazzi cello strings because they provide a complex and warm tone with excellent projection and dynamic responsiveness. While beginners can certainly use these strings, they are mostly for intermediate to advanced players due to their sound quality and price. Evah Pirazzi A and D strings pair well with Helicore G and C strings.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi 4/4 Gold Cello String Set, Medium, Premium Steel Strings with Ball End, Replacement Accessory for Professional and Student Cello Players

See on Amazon

An Electric Cello

Every cellist who has ever dreamed of being in a rock band or rock orchestra has probably always wanted an electric cello. When hooked up to an amp, electric cellos sound like a cello on steroids. You can even add special effects with distortion and other pedals. Most of the beginner electric cello outfits come with everything your cellist needs to get started so there’s no need to buy anything else. We’ve even done a review of the best electric cellos for you.

Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric CelloOur Recommended Electric Cellos

Cello Jewelry

If your cellist loves jewelry, get them some cello earrings or a cello necklace. It’ll be a great way for them to show off their cello pride.

Speakers for Listening to Classical Music

If your cellist likes listening to classical music, then get them a great set of speakers. The Edifier R1280DB speakers are great for listening to classical music both on vinyl records and modern-day Bluetooth connections.
Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Optical Input - Wireless Studio Monitors - 4 Inch Near Field Speaker - 42w RMS - Wood Grain

See Speakers

Christmas Ornament

Looking specifically for a Christmas present? Give a gift that your cellist can hang on their Christmas tree for everyone to see.

cello christmasSee Cello Ornaments on Amazon

Cello T-Shirts

Cellists will want to show off that they play cello wherever they go. Get them one of these t-shirts and they will love wearing it around school and everywhere else they go! Make sure you buy a size that will fit your cellist. You may want to ask for their size ahead of time.

Cello Chair

If your favorite cellist practices at home a lot, then getting them a comfy cello chair is a great idea. These chairs are specifically designed to promote optimal posture for playing the cello, something your regular dining room chair can never accomplish.
Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair Tall

See Cello Chairs

3D Cello Puzzle

If your cellist likes puzzles, get them this 3D paper puzzle cello. It will become a cute desk decoration. Not the size/dimensions.

JIGZLE Cello 3D Paper Puzzle DIY Kit - Laser Cut Miniature Musical Instruments

See on Amazon

Music Stand

Get your favorite cellist a new music stand that they can use for practicing at home or on the go.
Donner Sheet Music Stand with Light, DMS-1 Portable Metal Music Stand, Tabletop Music Book Stand for Guitar, Ukulele, Violin Players

See Music Stands

Cello Mug

A classic gift, your cellist will love showing off their cello pride whenever they’re drinking coffee or tea. Find a mug that fits your cellist’s style.

4 All Times Only My Cello Makes Me Happy Coffee Mug (11 oz)

See Cello Mugs on Amazon

Pickup for Cello

If you can’t afford an electric cello, a cello pickup or cello microphone will turn your acoustic cello into a cello that sounds like an electric cello. All you need is an amp. Let your cellist wow your family with an intimate rock concert.

Luvay Acoustic Guitar Pickup, Piezo Contact Microphone Transducer for Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Cello, Kalimba, Harp etc...

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Bluetooth Page Turner

If your favorite cellist primarily reads music off of their tablet or computer, then a Bluetooth page-turner is perfect. No longer will they need to move their cello and push a button on their device to turn the page. All they need to do is press down on the left or right pedal with their foot to quickly and seamlessly turn the page. They’ll never miss a beat or measure of music again!

Bluetooth Page Turner
See Page Turners

Cello Figurine

This little figurine makes a great decoration for a bookshelf or desk. Let your cellist show off their cello pride pubically with this 5″ cellist.

Broadway Gift Cellist Cello Player Silver Tone 5.5 inch Table Metal Decorative Musician Tabletop Figurine

See Cello Figurine on Amazon

Cello Case

Lugging a cello case back and forth from school is sure to wear out the fabric and zippers over time. Send your favorite cellist back to school with a brand new cello case. Make sure you choose one that has plenty of pockets for accessories and is the right size for their cello.

Bam France 1001S Classic Black 4/4 Cello Case

See Recommended Cello Cases

New Tuner

Every cello player needs a tuner to make sure their instrument sounds right. The Snark tuner will suffice for tuning a cello, but the Korg offers additional features such as a built-in metronome to make sure your cello player stays with the beat. You can read our guide on the best tuners to make sure you’re getting one that has all of the features you need.

korg tm50 cello tuner

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Cello Stand

A cello stand is an excellent gift for your cello player. It gives cellists a an elegant way to show off their instrument in their home or music room and makes it easier for them to put their instrument away since they just have to put it back on the stand. No more struggling to get their cello back in the cello case.

Cello Stand Ornate Wood

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