5 Reasons You Should Play the Cello

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The cello is an instrument that has gotten a lot of popularity in the past few years and not without reason. It has been featured in the pop and rock culture as the new it instrument and has been able to transform perceptions of classical instruments into cool and relatable sounds to younger audiences.

Are you thinking of playing the cello? If so, this information is perfect for you and your final decision on playing this amazing instrument!

You Can Start at Any Age

You didn’t “miss” your chance at becoming a successful cello player if you didn’t start at the age of 4. Most players start studying at the age 10 – 16. Famous Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich began playing at the age of 10. Pablo Casals started when he was 11. Carter Brey, 1st cellist of the New York Philharmonic started at 16!

Many people enjoy playing at a later age and advance a lot faster because they are more committed and it’s easier to focus.

While you might not become the next Yo-Yo Ma, you can pursue a career as a musician playing in orchestras, ensembles, teaching or even as a soloist! The sky’s the limit when you don’t give up!


The Cello Is the Most Versatile String Instrument.

It is often said that the cello sounds like the human voice. This is because it can hit really high notes, really low ones and everything in between.

You can play in 3 different clefs: Bass, Tenor, and Treble giving you many many repertoire options. It takes a while to get used to reading all three of them, but once you do, the possibilities to make wonderful music are endless.

While the cello is great for being the base of a musical piece (just listen to Pachelbel’s Canon in G) it can also become the protagonist of some of the most beautiful music ever composed (listen to Elgar’s concerto in e minor or Dvorak’s concerto in b minor).


There Is a Lot of Repertoire.

You don’t have to be a classical savvy to recognize Bach’s Prelude from his Cello Suite No.1 or The Swan by Saint-Saëns. Music written for cello is abundant both in quantity and quality.

This is why you will never get bored while playing cello as you will have a wide array of music to choose from – for all kinds of levels and tastes. You will also notice that it’s very easy to find covers from all styles of music written for cello version, so maybe you could play that song that you really love! Everything from Disney songs and Lord of the Rings to Metallica (see video below).


Being a Cellist Is Cool.

The cello is the only classical instrument that has actually become cool. Artists like Apocalyptica, 2Cellos, The Piano Guys, Kevin K.O. Olusola, Break of Reality and many others have moved their way up in the popular music industry, bringing more attention to the cello, particularly the electric cello.

It’s no wonder more people are in awe of this amazing sounding instrument and therefore want to play it. Being a cellist could give you the title of a rock star!

This new phenomenon is also opening the doors to new sounds and repertoire uncommon for a classical instrument. This is your chance to be creative, original and step out of any kind of tradition!


Playing Cello Makes You Smarter.

Ok, playing any instrument makes you smarter, but playing cello makes you smart and cool! 

Playing an instrument (especially a two-handed one like the cello) requires you to use so many parts of your brain, you actually force it to work more efficiently.

It can help you control your motor skills, improve your hearing memory, increase your brain’s gray matter volume (where most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies are), improve your spatial-temporal reasoning (like solving puzzles) and become emotionally healthier.

Playing music releases dopamine (the happy hormone), allowing you to have better moods, create better habits, be more receptive to different experiences and have a more calm and stable mind.

So if you don’t want to learn an instrument just for fun, do it for your brainpower!

What Are You Waiting For?!

It’s hard work, there’s no denying it! But the outcome is exciting. Playing the cello can be one of the most rewarding, passionate and challenging experiences of your life. Hopefully, this information motivates you to pick up a cello and start creating beautiful sounds!




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