The 10 Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards 2021

If you don’t have the space or can’t afford an acoustic upright or grand piano, a weighted piano keyboard is your next best option. The best weighted keyboards let you play with the feel of an acoustic piano – from the heaviness of the keys to the dynamics of each note.

There are a lot of options for fully weighted keyboards on the market which is why we have curated a list of the best keyboards with weighted keys. We have also identified the features and prices of each of the weighted keyboards. We have also described the features that you should look for before purchasing the best keyboards on the market. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with weighted keyboards. We will also talk about what you should look for when buying one.

Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboard

The Yamaha Weighted Digital Piano is a great piano for anyone looking to replicate the feeling of a true acoustic piano. A great balance of sound, quality, and affordability. This is the Amazon exclusive version of the Yamaha P45.

• 88 weighted keys
• 10 voices
• Included sustain pedal

Best Weighted Keyboard for Beginners

The DEP-20 by Donner is a great fully weighted piano keyboard for beginners.

• 88 weighted keys
• 238 Tones & 128 Polyphony
• Backlit LCD

Best Weighted Keyboard for Experts

The Roland RD-2000 is a great recording piano and one of our favorite on our list.

• 88 weighted keys
• Supernatural-based sound engine
• Authentic feel

What Is a Fully Weighted Keyboard?

When you’re a beginner at playing piano and not very familiar with the instrument, the weight of the keys may not be the most prominent thought on your mind; however, this is actually one of the first things you should look for in a keyboard. It’s a lot more significant than you might think. Keyboards can either be semi-weighted or fully-weighted, and a fully-weighted keyboard is the preferred version of the instrument for a few reasons. Here, we’re going to take a brief and concise look at what a fully weighted keyboard is, and why this distinction is so important.

What Does It Mean for a Keyboard to Be Weighted?

Weighted keys are an essential feature to have on your keyboard. When a piano is fully-weighted, it means the keys give you natural feedback. While you’re playing the instrument, it will feel like you’re playing a real grand piano, or at least something very close to it. There are also keyboards that have a feature called, “hammer action”, which simulates the exact weight and feel of an acoustic piano by digitally reproducing the heavy to lightweight as you ascend to higher octaves, but simply having a fully weighted keyboard is sufficient for most people. Weighted keys feel more comfortable and make practice much easier.

What’s the Difference Between Non-Weighted and Fully-Weighted Keys?

If you play a cheaper keyboard that doesn’t have weighted keys, and then you play one that does have weighted keys, you can feel the difference right away. Non-weighted keys bounce right back up in an unnatural way, reminding you immediately that you are striking light plastic instead of heavy ivory or a similar synthetic. You will actually have to train yourself to play non-weighted keys differently than you would play natural, weighted keys. Weighted keys simply feel better and lend themselves to more nuance and variance of dynamics. Whatever instrument you decide to get, you’ll do yourself a favor with a fully weighted keyboard.

There are some digital pianos that are semi-weighted which means they don’t feel as natural as the fully-weighted piano keys but strike a good in-between balance for beginners and your pocketbook alike.

What to Look for in Fully Weighted Keyboard Pianos

We rated the weighted keyboards above based on several key factors that make certain weight keyboards stand out from others. We took into account the weight of the keys, the number of keys, as well as aesthetics.

Weight of the Keys

One of the defining features of the weighted keyboards is, well, the weight of the keys. This should be the first that you should look into when looking for the ideal product. Weighted keys allow you to feel some of the resistance that you feel when you play an acoustic piano. When you press the key lightly, the keyboard would produce a light sound. There is resistance there. If you press it hard, the keyboard produces a louder sound. This resistance allows you to develop your finger strength and mimics the feel of a real grand piano. Unweighted keyboards do not give resistance.

Number of Keys

The number of keys depends on your skill level as a player. The standard full-size keyboard has 88 keys. All of the keyboards on this list have 88 keys just like a real grand piano. Some keyboards come with fewer keys such as 61 or 76. These are also suitable for beginners since these keyboards are generally more affordable.

Now let’s get onto our list of the best fully weighted keyboards.

All Fully Weighted Keyboard Pianos

1. Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Keyboard

The Yamaha P71 has 88 fully weighted keys to stimulate the feeling of a real piano. It includes 10 different voices, including sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos so you can get the sound of the real deal from this keyboard. The dual-mode allows you to play with two voices at once so you can simulate for example playing piano and strings. It comes with a sustain pedal and power cord for playing.

The P71 is virtually the same as the Yamaha P45 mentioned below, except that it is an Amazon exclusive so it can afford a slightly lower price.
best weighted piano keyboards- Yamaha P71 88-key digital piano

2. LAGRIMA LG-803 Fully Weighted Digital Piano

Next on our list of the best weighted keyboards is the LAGRIMA LG-803 Weighted Digital Piano. This instrument features 88 fully weighted keys. The keys have a hammer action, making the low-end portion heavier while the high-end portion is lighter. With a 10-grade weight action, you can play the instrument as if you are playing an acoustic piano.In addition to this, this product has a smart design with Bluetooth functions. With this feature, you can connect and control your product using handheld devices such as your phone. Other features include two headphone jacks, a 3-pedal system, and built-in stereo speakers.

LAGRIMA LG-803 Weighted Digital Piano - Best Weighted Keyboard Pianos

3. Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital 88 Key Full Size Weighted Keyboard

The Donner DEP-20 is a great keyboard for beginners. The digital piano feels like a real piano while remaining affordable. It comes with 88 full-sized fully weighted action keys with adjustable touch response so that you can adjust the response to your desired playing style. With over 238 tones and 128 polyphony, you can make this digital piano sound like a drum, ukulele, bass or many other instruments. It comes with dual-mode so you can combine two voices together and also a sustain pedal.

DEP-20 Digital Piano

DEP-20 with Stand & 3 Pedals

4. Yamaha P45 Weighted Keyboard Piano

Another weighted keyboard option is the Yamaha P45 Weighted Digital Piano.  This 88-key instrument features Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard. It means that you have a heavier touch in the low end and a lighter touch at the high end, mimicking the hammer action of an acoustic piano. With a depth of 12 inches, this slim yet lightweight piano requires little space in your homes. Hence, you could move it anywhere you want it to. The P45 is similar to the P71 mentioned above with the name difference being price. The P71 is a slightly lower cost because it is an Amazon-exclusive.

5. Roland RD-2000

We also think that the Roland RD-2000 is one of the best weighted keyboards on the market. Performance-ready, this digital piano comes with 88 fully-weighted keys with ivory-feel. The piano has a Supernatural-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for electric pianos. The knobs and sliders feature LEDs that make it very easy to adjust the sound while on stage.

This is a great piano keyboard for professionals looking to perform live on stage or record. The zero-latency processor and two sound engines make this keyboard extremely responsive. However, the price point means this isn’t likely to be a common piano keyboard in anyone’s living room.

6. LAGRIMA LG8831 Digital Piano

The LAGRIMA LG8831 Digital Piano offers outstanding feel and response, thanks to its features. There are a lot of features that you could maximize on this 88-key instrument. For instance, it consists of a three-pedal system, an LCD display screen, 64 polyphony, and built-in stereo speakers. It also has 480 tones, 128 standard HM songs, 200 present rhythm, and 80 demo songs to help improve your playing experience. Other features include a USB-MIDI terminal, a quiet mode thanks to its headphone jack, and keyboard split function, among others.

LAGRIMA LG8831 Digital Piano - Best Weighted Keyboard Pianos

7. Donner DDP-100 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Donner DDP-100 is another great weight piano intended more of the late beginner/intermediate player. It comes with 88-key fully-weighted action keys and makes a great statement piece in any living room. It comes with 128 polyphony and has one pure tone sampled from real acoustic grand pianos which makes it have a very realistic sound.

8. Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P125 features 88 full-size weighted keys which are fully capable. Just like an acoustic piano, the lower keys have a heavier weighted action than the high keys. The sound engines perfectly reproduce the sounds of the famous Yamaha CFIIIS Concert grand piano.

9. Korg B2SP 88-Key Digital Piano

The Korg B2SP 88-key digital piano gives you the feel of playing a real grand piano. It features an upright stand and three pedals so you can imagine that you are playing the real deal. It comes with the stand, ac adapter and music stand.

10. Casio Privia PX-160BK

The Casio Privia PX-160BK is great for music lessons. You could customize the sounds of your keyboard and play with your favorite music. Moreover, traveling musicians can use its dual power supply for on-the-go practice. So whether you are a beginner or a traveling pianist, you could enjoy all of its features such as a variety of sound effects, a microphone jack, a power adapter, and a sheet music music stand.

Bonus: LAGRIMA Piano

Completing our list is the LAGRIMA Piano. This instrument offers you an outstanding feel and response as if you were playing an acoustic piano. It features a three-pedal system, a variety of sound effects, built-in stereo speakers, and an LCD display screen. With its multifunctionality, you could easily learn the basics of playing the piano without having to experience stress. Other features include a USB-MIDI terminal, a quiet mode thanks to its headphone jack, and an instruction book.

LAGRIMA Digital Piano - Best Weighted Keyboard Pianos


Now that we have finished discussing the best weighted keyboards, we leave the ultimate decision up to you as for which fully weighted keyboard to choose. We hope this list has made your decision easier.


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