Best Tools for Online Music Lessons

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Everyone has their own unique way of teaching and learning. When teaching music studies, most people prefer to do it in a familiar environment and are skeptical about teaching and instructing music lessons online.

However, there are tons of courses and tools for teaching online music lessons. These online music teaching sites exist to help teachers share knowledge and information to students. These online tools engage and interest the students directly and make the learning process fun. Online courses and tools give teachers and students full access to music information around the globe.

There are many great online music tools online so we’ve compiled ten useful tools that you should consider to make it easier to decide.

Tools for Conducting Live Online Video Lessons

Giving video lessons is starting to become the norm. Below are our recommended hardware and software for conducting online video lessons.

Recommended hardware:

Recommended Software:


Teaching music via Skype is getting popular these days. More and more teachers find it a convenient and accessible way to teach music lessons, especially when they aren’t able to teach lessons in-person. Skype offers an endless number of possibilities for music teachers to share their expertise and music enthusiasts to learn about their passion.

Teachers can teach their students at home without ever having to leave. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop or computer with a webcam. Be sure to update your Skype to the latest version to minimize any technical difficulties and benefit from the latest features and updates.


Zoom has many fresh and innovative features to help you teach online. You can record lessons and share them with your students. Other features include being able to chat and use videos. In addition, it can also handle more than one user at a time.

However, if you need to connect to a student for more than 30 minutes, you’ll need a paid account. You can give your student a link so they can join and voila, you can start teaching right away! Make sure your students register their email and name if it’s their first time using Zoom.

Install Zoom:

Lesson Face

Lesson Face is a platform to take live online music lessons by connecting students with great teachers for live online lessons and classes. They offer lessons for many different instruments.

Get started teaching:
Take lessons:

lesson face

Take Lessons

Take Lessons is one of the easiest ways to take online music lessons. Students can find expert teachers to work with and teachers can work with their existing students as well as find new ones from across the world.

take lessonsOnline Music Resources for Students and Teachers

There are also many music resources for students and teachers that help with learning music, music theory, and more. Read on for more of these tools.

Smart Music

This web-based music education platform is created to connect teachers and students. And it makes practicing and learning more enjoyable. This tool allows teachers to track student’s performances.

Through SmartMusic, teachers can create several sight-reading exercises for individual music devices or ensembles. Students will be able to personalize their own notation and import or export the data to MusicXML files. Both teachers and students can view each other’s written reports and feedback for each assignment and recording.

This tool can be accessed using a computer, iPad, and Chromebook devices.

Classics for Kids

The Classics for Kids is a new learning tool. It provides comprehensive resources for teachers using productive activities. There are also practical plans that use classical music to educate children on the basics of music.

The lessons are up to date and are based on the National Standards for the Arts. It also follows state education standards.

Teachers can guide students in choosing their preferred instruments and how to practice correctly. Every teacher will receive an update each month for the latest Classic for Kids program. Together with other news updates on the website on various music information. This information can be shared with both students and parents.

At, teachers can teach students to understand and read sheet music via their interactive website. Some of the basic lessons teachers can teach their students are the basic staff – trebles, bass clefs, ledger lines, and learning to scale to key signatures.

Once the student completes their lesson, they can take a test that includes exercises to test their musical knowledge. The activities include note identification, note construction, and chord ear training. Teachers can also create personalized lessons by choosing the exercise customizer option.

Making Music Fun is an educational website offering free educational resources for elementary teachers and students. It has practice charts, more than 800 downloadable worksheets, plans, and resources. Teachers will be able to improve their teaching methods and develop new and fun techniques for their students.

Ear Master

Ear Master is an online software tool intended to teach intonation. Teachers and students can access interval training and challenges that make learning tone variations fun and simple. There are chord and ear scale exercises available online at Ear Master.

This music lesson tool can be accessed as low as $5 for every user for each year.

Music’s Teacher Helper

This software is for professional music teachers to help them automate and control their teaching studio. It helps keep track of the student’s progress, schedule lessons, invoicing, tracks payments, and allows the student to access their payment details. The pricing for this tool starts at $11.66 each month for one user.


The tools listed above feature various applications to help teachers in educating music knowledge to their students. Overall, some of the qualities that are worth looking out for are simplicity, tools for creating music, lesson plans, and the activities that a user can participate in.


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