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13 Binge-Worthy Albums You Should Add to Your Library

It's rare to find an album that you can listen to from start to finish. Even the most popular artists have a few songs in their discography that people don't like listening to. But luckily, we've gathered 13 albums that worth binging. Add them to your library...
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People Share 13 Songs That Are 100% Perfect

Many things could make a song perfect, including its structure, chord, lyrics, melody, or relatability. So, what’s your greatest music track? Well, for many people, these 13 songs are their all-time favorites. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac Source: Shutterstock
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10 Internationally Famous U.K. Bands That Brits Actually Dislike

Since the original wave of British Invasion bands came to America in the 1960's, people have been obsessed with U.K. bands. And while there are a lot of artists that the Brits are proud of, there are also some that they can't stand. Here are 10 global British bands...
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10 Most Powerful and Politically-Charged Rock Songs

Classic rock music was built during the 1950's. It was a way of bringing the masses together and giving them a voice during a time of political unrest. The music was loud, the rhythm was catchy, and the lyrics were compelling. Here are 10 classic rock anthems...
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10 Popular Rock Songs That Are Actually Misogynistic

Rock songs were loud not only in sound but in the messages of the songs. They are also notorious for being vocal about sociopolitical issues. But as times have changed, some rock songs did not age well.  Here are 10 chauvinistic rock and roll songs from back...
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10 Unpopular Classic Rock Opinions Leaving People Shocked

It's sometimes hard to voice out your unpopular opinions, especially on high profile issues. But someone has to say it, even at the risk of getting backlash from the majority. Here are 10 controversial takes on classic rock that gathered some fiery reactions in an online forum.
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12 One-Hit Wonders That Will Always Be Remembered

Bands that produced one-hit wonders are not unsuccessful. That one song that did make them famous is special. So much so that people still listen to it decades after its release. They're classic songs that make people instantly sing along. Everyone knows these 11 one-hit wonders, and...
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11 Bands That Successfully Evolved Throughout Their Careers

Most bands enjoy a decent amount of fame through a few albums. But they eventually fade out because of newer more relevant artists. Then again, there are the few a musical gems that evolve with their audience. These 11 artists manage to release no-fail albums throughout the...
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Is Today’s Youth Getting More Interested in Classical Music?

With the advanced made in sound technology, classical music has taken a back seat. You often only hear about Mozart and Chopin from the older generations. Meanwhile, today's youth probably only learn about the classic legends in school. But a popular online forum reveals that art music...
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10 Classic Hit Songs That Will Forever Be Linked to Their Music Videos

Music videos started airing on TV in the 1960s. Since then, there have been a lot of memorable music videos that today would be considered trending. But these 10 old school hits were the viral-level songs that people will always associate with their epic music videos.
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