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Ultimate Guide to the Forbidden Riff

You might think that playing a popular guitar solo piece in a guitar shop would be cool. But did you know that some guitar stores forbid customers from playing certain songs in their shops? The banning of "Forbidden Riff" songs is not because they're illegal. They're just...
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10 Most Powerful and Politically-Charged Rock Songs

Classic rock music was built during the 1950's. It was a way of bringing the masses together and giving them a voice during a time of political unrest. The music was loud, the rhythm was catchy, and the lyrics were compelling. Here are 10 classic rock anthems...
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Unveiling the Minds of Music’s Greatest Intellectuals

A lot of eager artists start out early and go on to have successful careers in the arts. However, for other musicians, that is insufficient. In an effort to hone their brain, some people register in prestigious colleges to get their bachelor's, master's, and even doctoral degrees.
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The Internet’s Pick of 10 Epic Rock Bands

There are many views on which band should be crowned the best of all time when it comes to rock music. An internet forum offers a distinctive place for music lovers to exchange their opinions and tastes, albeit being very subjective. According to the...
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10 Most Difficult Instruments to Learn

Embarking on the journey to learn a musical instrument is both exciting and demanding. It requires time, effort, passion, and, in some instances, the willingness to conquer steep learning curves. Among the multitude of instruments that populate the musical world, a select few pose unique and formidable...
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Unraveling 10 Rock Songs with Hidden Meanings

Decoding hidden meanings in songs, analyzing metaphorical lyrics, and applying them to both the lives of the artists and our own lives—as well as playing songs backward to reveal encrypted signals indicating a band's oath to a secret society—are shared pastimes of music lovers. These five rock...

10 Iconic Rock Bands that Shaped the Sound of the 70s

Numerous bands that helped create the sound and culture of the time arose throughout the incredible decade that was the 1970s for rock music. Although opinions among fans of rock differ, it is generally agreed that these 10 important rock bands were among the best of the...
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12 Bands That Incite Passionate Disdain

With jam-packed stadiums, glittering trophies, airwaves buzzing with their hits, and a global fanbase, one would think these bands have it all. However, not all that glitters is gold. There is a flip side to their fame, as an astonishing number of people can’t seem to stand...
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Top 10 90s Era Rock Bands That Shaped the Decade

I was a teenager and young adult throughout the 1990s, and I regret that my son's generation will not have the same experiences. Unless I'm misremembering things, democracy was at its height during that period, and among other thrilling events, the Berlin Wall's fall was one of them. I...
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10 Classical-Inspired Classic Rock Songs

All of the music ever created in Europe and America was inspired by classical music. What contemporary rock songs, though, directly reference classical music? One enthusiast of classical music posts the query online. Other fans are eager to oblige with their favorite examples of...
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