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Drummer Practicing

The 21 Greatest Drum Solos of All Time

Drummers are often the backdrop for most orchestras and bands. In many of them, vocalists and guitarists among others take the spotlight and many times steal the show. On occasion, drums take the center stage of a piece. They then put on a show reminding us that...
Famous Guitar Player

Ranking the 20 Most Iconic Guitarists of All Time

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. From strumming to plucking, and now with many tools to enhance sound, there are endless ways to play the guitar. And over the decades, the world has been graced with many talented guitarists with extreme passion for music. Here...
Annoyed Man Hearing Music

12 Musicians People Are Sick of Hearing About

Too much of a good thing isn't healthy. This is true even when it comes to your favorite music artists. Yes, you can binge their albums from time to time. But when you start hearing too much about them in the news or social media, it can...
Viersen Germany March 9. 2023: Closeup Of Rolling Stone

Top 10 90s Era Rock Bands That Shaped the Decade

I was a teenager and young adult throughout the 1990s, and I regret that my son's generation will not have the same experiences. Unless I'm misremembering things, democracy was at its height during that period, and among other thrilling events, the Berlin Wall's fall was one of them. I...
Man Frightened Listening To Music Biting Nails

12 Worst Band Names in the History of Music

Naming a band is something that members need to think about carefully. It should be catchy, memorable, and represent the group's music and personality. After all, it becomes their brand and they want people to listen to their music. For example, who would want to listen to a band...
Teenager With Headphones

10 Most Powerful and Politically-Charged Rock Songs

Classic rock music was built during the 1950's. It was a way of bringing the masses together and giving them a voice during a time of political unrest. The music was loud, the rhythm was catchy, and the lyrics were compelling. Here are 10 classic rock anthems...
Band Performing In Concert

10 Iconic Band Members Who Stood Out Among the Rest

A band's frontman is usually the most popular member of the group. But in terms of talent or overall stage presence, other members could arguably stand out more. Here are 10 non-lead vocalist band members who can actually became legends in their own right.
Live Concert

20 Best Concerts of the Boomer Era

The evolution of music never seems to end. While some genres dominated a certain era, there were years where musical creativity reached an all time high. The boomer era was time when music went from being simple entertainment to becoming a movement. Back then, musicians challenged the...
Danny Carey Tool

The 20 Greatest 70s Rock Bands

The 1970s marked a big shift in rock music. It saw the emergence of various influential bands and subgenres. 70s rock music made use of complex instruments and experimental sound design. Here are 20 of the best rock bands of the 70s   Deep Purple
Annoyed Man Hearing Music

12 Popular Bands That Are Hated Despite Their Success

Even if musicians have all the awards and popularity, haters will always find a way to hate. Ironically, the dislike for these 12 bands is precisely because they are TOO popular. However, some of the hate does come from how band members act and also certain songs.
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