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12 Famous Baroque Composers

The diverse music and rich history of the 150-year Baroque period wouldn't be the same without these skilled Baroque composers. Some names in our 12 most famous baroque music composers may even be familiar to you. Today, we're diving into their lives, famous works,...
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Top 16 Composers of the 20th Century

The top composer of 20th century brought classical music to new heights. How did they become musicians? What were their sources of inspiration, and how were they recognized for their achievements? Read on to learn more about fifteen of the greatest modern composers, exploring their backgrounds and...
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10 Greatest Czech Composers

There are plenty of outstanding composers worldwide, and the Czech Republic happens to have plenty of them. Antonin Dvořák is one of the most famous composers, but there are plenty of other outstanding composers from the Czech. Read on to learn more about some of the greatest...
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11 Famous Classical Piano Composers

The 18th and 19th centuries saw many of the greatest composers of classical piano music in human history. Beginning with the baroque era and moving forward, famous classical piano composers such as Bach and Beethoven composed many classical piano pieces and symphonies known and loved today.
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9 Famous Black Composers That Had a Huge Impact on the Music Industry

For a very long time, the world has been battling racism that has been rampant in society. Many people and organizations have come forward to condemn this vice that has affected many people. Movements such as Black Lives Matter have played a key role in raising awareness...
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Famous Austrian Composers

The famous Austrian composers included a variety of musical traditions, such as the classical compositions of Haydn and Mozart, the light dance and operas of Strauss, and the transitional modernism of Mahler. The duties of their career choices that took them away from creating music provide a different perspective...
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9 Famous German Composers

Classical music became an important part of Western culture in the 17th and 18th centuries. It played its role in the Renaissance movement that started in Florence, Italy, a period when much art, architecture, music, and literature took place across Europe. In this case, literature was written in the...

9 Famous Russian Composers

Russia's rich music history was forged by composers determined to differentiate themselves from German and other Western styles. The use of octatonic scales and other modes, traditional Eastern folk melodies, and repeating phrases that staunchly refused to develop were all brought together to create a distinct national style. The...

9 Famous Hungarian Composers

Hungary is a land of musicians, from the renowned classical composer Johann Strauss to the folk music bands still playing on village streets. It's no wonder that Hungary has produced numerous famous composers in its history. Here are just a few. 1) Franz Liszt Liszt, born in 1811, was considered a...

7 Famous Italian Composers

Italy is famous for its rich culture, good food, and impressive architecture. However, the most significant part of the rich Italian culture is music, which has been around for a long time. Great Italian composers have seen the constant improvement of Italian music, from the ancient sacred choral hymns...
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