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types of ukulele featured image from Orchestra Central

11 Different Types of Ukulele – Which One Is for You?

Did you know that there are different types of ukuleles to choose from? You can find a uke in a cute pineapple shape and even a ukulele that looks like a guitar! If you are curious about which to get, you should stick around because we'll...
Orchestra Central's how to string a ukulele featured image

How to String a Ukulele: A Guide to Replacing Uke Strings

Replacing uke strings may seem pretty straightforward - you unwind the pegs, insert the replacements, and you're done. But, this yearly uke maintenance requires more attention and precision. Here's how to string a ukulele - the right way. Change Your Uke Strings in...
best ukulele tuner app featured image from Orchestra Central

Best Ukulele Tuner Apps: Tune Using Your Smartphone

How often have you gotten to a rehearsal, gig, or jam, only to find you forgot your clip-ons (tuners)? If you've already lost count, you are in luck. You can download the best ukulele tuner app as a backup. There is now a myriad...
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