Best Ukulele Tuner Apps: Tune Using Your Smartphone

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How often have you gotten to a rehearsal, gig, or jam, only to find you forgot your clip-ons (tuners)? If you’ve already lost count, you are in luck. You can download the best ukulele tuner app as a backup.

There is now a myriad of ukulele tuning apps available for both iPhone and Android in recent years! Some even have different modes for other stringed instruments such as mandolin, violin, and guitar, while others allow you to save multiple tunings like DGBE tuning and low-g tuning. 

You probably want to save some time and find out the best ukelele tuner app. We have you covered with the list below, so read on and pick your favorite! 

Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords – Best Ukulele Tuner App

Tunefor Ukulele Tuner & Chords app

Specificity is a good thing! This unique uke-specific app truly offers tuning precision. Since it’s not as versatile as some of the other options on this list, it quickly recognizes the pitches of each ukelele string. 

This app can’t be used with basses, guitars, and other string instruments. That said, it does welcome alternate ukelele tunings for banjo-ukes or baritones. This is a perfect happy medium between customizability and user-focused tech. 

Like many on our list, this app also offers extra features like tutorials and song suggestions. These are expertly designed extras since this is such a uke-specific application. 

As long as you don’t have a guitar, bass, banjo, or other string instruments to tune with one singular app, this is the one for you! It prioritizes ukelele applications and does those expertly. Find this, one of the best ukelele tuner apps on iOS


  • Uke Specific, thus hand-tailored to ukelele needs 
  • Multiple tuning options are available 
  • User-friendly design that makes tuning easy
  • Manual mode available 
  • Ipad compatible 


  • Paywall for certain features 
  • No Android version


Screenshots of Guitartuna ukulele tuner app

GuitarTuna is one of the more popular guitar tuning applications with an excellent ukelele setting. While this is a guitar-specific app at its default, it has settings for various instruments, including your uke. 

This app is free but offers paid upgrades. Unlike some other applications on this list, GuitarTuna’s paid upgrades are not offered constantly through advertisements. Yes, there are ads on this application, but they won’t be a constant upsell to a different iteration of the same technology. 

GuitarTuna offers an attractive yet professional interface, great for adults and beginners alike. Available on Android and iOS, we’re naming GuitarTuna app as the best overall tuner for uke.  


  • Incredible accuracy for recognizing frequencies
  • Free app 
  • Intuitive app design
  • Ample tuning options for several instruments


  • Advertisements are present 
  • Limited chromatic options outside of specific tunings
  • Visual tuning is entirely accurate, but chime/notifications are less specific

Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner

Fender Guitar Tuner app for ukulele

Fender essentially invented electric guitars and basses as we know them today. Since then, they’ve started making acoustic guitars and many other instruments, including ukeleles! Years of expertise have given Fender an excellent reputation, which now goes beyond physical instruments and into the online realm! 

Their tuner app for iOS and Android functions like many others on the market but is aesthetically. You can see visual representations of how close to the desired pitch you are, making tuning your uke quick and easy. 

Not tuning your uke to the standard GCEA? No worries. There are more than 20 set tunings for a ukelele and other instruments. This is especially beneficial on tuning apps since many don’t recognize notes outside of standard tuning like a traditional chromatic tuner. 

Standard uke tuning, guitar, bass, and more, the Fender Tune Guitar Tuner does it all! Available on both iOS and Android, Fender makes it easy to get this app going on your device. 

Many folks pick up the ukelele for its user-friendly nature, and this best ukulele tuner app is guaranteed not to complicate anything. 


  • Compatible with both Apple and Android  
  • Easy design to comprehend 
  • Over 20 set tunings
  • Works with other instruments
  • Free extra features are easily accessible
  • Accurate pitch recognition


Not all additional features are free 

Ukulele Tuner Pocket

Ukulele Tuner Pocket app

You can find the Ukelele Tuner Pocket here for use with Any android device. It’s a free application that encourages uke players to rely on their own ears (with helpful visual cues offered) to tune their ukes.

This is an important skill to learn, as you may encounter occasions where a tuner isn’t available. Relative pitch detection comes from knowing how one-note sounds are compared to the next, and the visual hints that this application gives will guide you towards excellent ears. 

Ads are plentiful with Ukelele Tuner Pocket, and there is a paid version available if these are a dealbreaker. Paying for the app also gives you access to cues as to whether their strings are in tune, removing the ear aspect of this application. 

If you’d like to work on ear training and get a sonic memory of your ukelele’s open strings, you need not download the paid version. Want a simple ad-free app? The relatively low cost of this best ukulele tuner app should provide an easy option! 


  • Great ear training tool 
  • Contains alternate tuning options 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Compatible Concert, Tenor, Soprano, and other larger ukuleles


  • No version for apple users
  • Ads unless you pay
  • “Double-check” tuning without using your ear is only available if you pay

Guitar Tuner: Ukulele & Bass

Picture showing the Guitar Tuner app

This is an excellent app for your ukelele tuning needs and might be the best ukelele tuner available free of charge. The caveat? If you do choose to pay, it is not cheap. An adwall is present, so you will be tempted to purchase the full application, but check the prices first. 

This is primarily a guitar tuner, so ample guitar and bass information is available. Uke is treated equally, but it is not an application-specific to that instrument. Find it on iOS or Android, and get playing! 


  • Great interface 
  • User friendly 


  • Not uke specific 
  • Expensive at its fullest

Ukulele Tuner

Image showing the Ukulele Tuner app

Ukelele Tuner is an app that is as simple as its name suggests. You gain an easy-to-understand interface and no paywall for the most pertinent information. 

Relative pitch is an important skill to learn, and the visual cues included with Ukulele Tuner will help you better understand how to find an ideal pitch for each string. This is important for turning your instrument and when jamming with others. 

The free version of this app includes ads, but this is a common thread amongst free uke tuners. Is it worth breaking the paywall? That’s up to you! 


  • Great look 
  • Easy to use interface, on both the free and paid versions 
  • Very accurate


  • Not available for Apple users 
  • Ads present on the free version
  • Rather generic, despite the costs included in the paid version

Ukulele Tuner App – A Convenient Alternative! 

There are tons of uke apps out there, but you can try downloading our top choices if you want the best ukulele tuner app. Want to skip paying an exorbitant fee? There are some excellent free options. Want the best of the best? There are great options available with “optional extras,” so you can see if they are worth spending your extra dollars on.


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