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10 Internationally Famous U.K. Bands That Brits Actually Dislike

Since the original wave of British Invasion bands came to America in the 1960's, people have been obsessed with U.K. bands. And while there are a lot of artists that the Brits are proud of, there are also some that they can't stand. Here are 10 global British bands...
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10 Most Powerful and Politically-Charged Rock Songs

Classic rock music was built during the 1950's. It was a way of bringing the masses together and giving them a voice during a time of political unrest. The music was loud, the rhythm was catchy, and the lyrics were compelling. Here are 10 classic rock anthems...
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10 Broadway Musicals That People Regret Seeing

A Broadway musical is one of the must-sees in New York City. While a bunch of Tony Award winning musicals have graced the stage, there have also been a lot of flops. It's even more upsetting when there was a lot of hype surrounding the musical. Here...
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Is Today’s Youth Getting More Interested in Classical Music?

With the advanced made in sound technology, classical music has taken a back seat. You often only hear about Mozart and Chopin from the older generations. Meanwhile, today's youth probably only learn about the classic legends in school. But a popular online forum reveals that art music...
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Top 12 Covers that Outperformed The Original Songs

Cover songs are usually a nod to already awesome songs. But sometimes, the renditions end up being more popular than the original. Over the decades, there have been a lot of remakes. Here are 12 outstanding covers that were so good that people though they were the...
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12 Awesome Guilty Pleasure Songs for Your Secret Playlist

Judging other people's song preferences shouldn't be normalized. Yet everyone has that list of songs that they don't want people to know they like. Here are the 12 most popularly unpopular songs that people play of full blast when no one is around. Every...
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10 Most Distinguished Video Games Composers of All Time

The video game experience is not all about the graphics and gameplay. Sometimes, the thrilling, well-timed music is enough to captivate players. And these 10 composers have set a high bar in the video game music scene.   1. Nobuo Uematsu

10 Most Distinguished Rock Bands of the 70s

Rock bands in the 1970s either amplified their current sub genre or went rogue and redefined rock music altogether. Either way, the 70s was a time of musical innovation. And these 10 artists were pillars of this decade, releasing iconic songs that people won't forget.
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10 Rock Songs With Secret Messages You Didn’t Notice

Sometimes with songs, you have to listen between the lines. Artists often mask messages through their songs. The lyrics of these 10 rock songs have not-so-obvious messages about personal experiences or political views. Did you notice these when listening to the songs? 1. Total...
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10 Coolest Rock N Roll Band Names

One of the most important steps in forming a band is naming it. It has to be timeless but also catchy and memorable. Rock bands, in particular have a knack for having awesome band names. Contributors of a popular music forum debated on the 10 rock n...
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