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10 Best Music Schools In The World

10 Best Music Schools in the World

When it comes to music schools, based on one’s fervor, those who want to study the subject or merely love music are inhibited and privileged simultaneously. They would need to identify the best music schools in the world, with a good reputation, to help them reach their vision or...
Antonio Stradivari

Who Was Antonio Stradivari?

For more than two centuries, Antonio Stradivari remains the greatest violin maker of all time. Many Stradivarius violins sell for millions of dollars these days. By combining excellent materials and superb craft, the luthier's violin design produced stringed instruments that have never been surpassed aesthetically and tonally. Stradivari is...

How Many Siblings Did Beethoven Have?

Ludwig van Beethoven was the second of seven children born to Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena Keverich. Ludwig van Beethoven's siblings never reached the acclaim of the German classical composer and pianist. He was born in Bonn and baptized on December 17, 1770. His mother died in 1787...
Music Form

Musical Form 101: What Is It & What Are The Different Types Of Forms?

Have you been asking yourself, "what is form in music?" If so, then you've come to the right place. There are rules when it comes to composing music. The notion that you can just walk in and put together a song without prior knowledge won't get you far. There...
Best Instruments For Camping & Backpacking

Best Instruments for Camping and Backpacking

Music fills our lives with great energy, it uplifts people and creates an ambiance of fun and relaxation. When on the go, it is ideal to take your camping instruments with you, however, some of them are just too cumbersome to carry with you. Still you may want to...
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