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12 Bands That Incite Passionate Disdain

With jam-packed stadiums, glittering trophies, airwaves buzzing with their hits, and a global fanbase, one would think these bands have it all. However, not all that glitters is gold. There is a flip side to their fame, as an astonishing number of people can’t seem to stand...
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12 Concerts That’d Be Catastrophes If Bands Really Embodied Their Names

Nowadays, people are sensitive with words. Some people look for deeper meaning into simple things, while others take things literally. Can you just imagine what it would be like if these 12 bands performed in the literal sense of their band names?  1....
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14 Legendary Blind Musicians

From songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists to piano players, these blind musicians achieved undeniable recognition and greatness with their musical talents, despite being blind.  Ronnie Milsap Ronnie Lee Milsap is one of country music's most popular crossover...
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The Internet’s Pick of 10 Epic Rock Bands

There are many views on which band should be crowned the best of all time when it comes to rock music. An internet forum offers a distinctive place for music lovers to exchange their opinions and tastes, albeit being very subjective. According to the...
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Greatest 10 Movie Soundtracks Ever

Music is a huge ingredient in making a movie. Some of the greatest movies are known specifically for their film score. Soundtracks enhance the emotions portrayed in different scenes. They effectively bring the story to life. We've compiled 10 of the best film soundtracks of all time,...
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10 Pop Hits You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Classical Pieces

Classical music is thought of as old school. But there's a reason why this genre has established itself in music history. The complex melodies are not only inspiring to listeners but modern-day musicians too. Did you know that these 10 pop hits drew inspiration from classical masterpieces?
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Characteristics of Medieval Music

Being the first documented and the longest classical era, medieval music has a distinct sound. As a matter of fact, there are five characteristics of medieval music that make it unique versus other periods. Some of which are still alive today, especially when referring to Gregorian chants.
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The 10 Greatest Classical Music Masterpieces

Classical music is very beautiful and brilliant. It is also always calming and appropriate. Numerous well-known classical pieces are widely available. We frequently hear this music throughout our events, in movies, on TV, and in commercials. Here are 10 of the most iconic classical music masterpieces. A Closer Look
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What Is Tenor Clef?

Tenor clef is one of the most common types of musical notation. It's the fourth clef in order, and it tells you which notes get played by the tenor part of the choir. But, don't worry! It is the easiest to read because it has fewer lines...
10 Best Music Schools In The World

10 Best Music Schools in the World

When it comes to music schools, based on one’s fervor, those who want to study the subject or merely love music are inhibited and privileged simultaneously. They would need to identify the best music schools in the world, with a good reputation, to help them reach their vision or...
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