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8 Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2020

9 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers 2024

There are so many Bluetooth speakers on the market that aren't loud enough. Whether you want to take the loudest Bluetooth speaker on a camping trip, to the beach, or to a pool party, we've got you covered. Below we've reviewed the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers so you can...
plastic trombone

Best Plastic Trombone Brands and Models 2024

A trombone is a brass instrument that is common in marching bands and jazz bands, among others. Specifically noted for its tone, a trombone is a powerful instrument that can be played in a vast range of genres. Since it is a brass instrument, many beginners might find it...
Man Looking Up Screaming And Closing Ears Due To Loud Noise

Top 10 Scariest Classical Pieces Ever Written

Depending on the arrangement, classical music envokes different emotions. Most of the popular pieces make people either emotional or relaxed. But some sontatas are great for Halloween. Here 10 of the most petrifying pieces of classical music. 1. "Black Angels," George Crumb (1970)
Woman Surprised And Shocked

12 Concerts That’d Be Catastrophes If Bands Really Embodied Their Names

Nowadays, people are sensitive with words. Some people look for deeper meaning into simple things, while others take things literally. Can you just imagine what it would be like if these 12 bands performed in the literal sense of their band names?  1....
Drummer At The Rock Concert

10 G.O.A.T Rock Bands According to the Internet

Naming the Greatest Rock Bands of all time is a daunting, if not impossible. And with only 10 spots, what criteria do you even start with? Luckily, the internet provides a good sample size of music enthusiasts who came up with this list.   
Live Concert

20 Best Concerts of the Boomer Era

The evolution of music never seems to end. While some genres dominated a certain era, there were years where musical creativity reached an all time high. The boomer era was time when music went from being simple entertainment to becoming a movement. Back then, musicians challenged the...
New York Ny Usa December 13 2019: Taylor Swift

12 Musicians People Are Sick of Hearing About

Don’t we all love music? Music evokes emotions, which explains why we resonate with certain artists and instantly dial the volume knob up when their songs play. But some musicians make us cringe or switch off the radio.   DJ Khaled
Band Performing In Concert

10 Iconic Band Members Who Stood Out Among the Rest

A band's frontman is usually the most popular member of the group. But in terms of talent or overall stage presence, other members could arguably stand out more. Here are 10 non-lead vocalist band members who can actually became legends in their own right.
Relaxed Woman Wearing Headphones

10 Greatest Songs to Boost Your Mood

Eating a pint of ice cream or going on a vacation are just some of the things people do to cheer up. But you might only have a few minutes to spare for a pick me up. In that case, music can be your best option. Listen...
Young Girl Listening To Music

10 Pop Hits You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Classical Pieces

Classical music is thought of as old school. But there's a reason why this genre has established itself in music history. The complex melodies are not only inspiring to listeners but modern-day musicians too. Did you know that these 10 pop hits drew inspiration from classical masterpieces?
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