28 Best Guitar Hero Songs

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These 28 Guitar Hero songs immortalized the once-popular guitar rhythm video that dominated arcades and living rooms across the globe.

Guitar Hero
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So, let’s take a trip back to memory lane. Here are the best Guitar Hero songs.

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24. Helicopter by Bloc Party

Helicopter is available in Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero On Tour. The song has triplets in almost all parts with many chords and multiple single notes. You can use start power to get through the notes.

23. Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon Force

This song appeared in Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and Guitar Hero Live. Its intro is nothing else but hammer-ons which make it the hardest part. Players can pass the intro by tapping.

22. One by Metallica

You can find One by Metallica in Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Metallica. It is one of the best guitar hero 3 songs but among the hardest play thanks to its fast-paced notes.

21. Story of My Life by Social Distortion

Story Of My Life by Socal Distortion is available in Guitar Hero III. The song is one of the easiest to play and has several SP activations.

20. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

You’ll find this iconic Queen song in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The song is the hardest to sing in Guitar Hero with a vocal difficulty of 10.

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