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The 20 Greatest 70s Rock Bands

The 1970s marked a big shift in rock music. It saw the emergence of various influential bands and subgenres. 70s rock music made use of complex instruments and experimental sound design. Here are 20 of the best rock bands of the 70s   Deep Purple
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10 Famous 90s Boy Bands That Became Iconic

The 90s brought unique changes in music, culture, and fashion. They also brought about some of the greatest boy bands in history. From their sweet catchy tunes to their dance moves, they garnered massive followings. Many of these boy bands broke records and became icons in their...
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Ranking the 20 Most Iconic Guitarists of All Time

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. From strumming to plucking, and now with many tools to enhance sound, there are endless ways to play the guitar. And over the decades, the world has been graced with many talented guitarists with extreme passion for music. Here...
East Rutherford, NJ/USA - August 1, 2019: Guitarist Keith Richards performs with the Rolling Stones on their No Filter tour.

21 Most Successful Bands of the 1960s

The 1960s was a significant time, not only in music but in general history. This decade kickstarted a revolution that changed the world. The bands shed light on political issues through their music, ultimately uniting people. These 21 bands were the most iconic figures of 1960s music. 
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10 Most Difficult Musical Instruments to Learn

Music is an enriching hobby. It helps with coordination and is also mentally relaxing. And while enthusiasm plays a huge part in learning, some instruments need a certain level of talent and skill to master. These 10 instruments prove to be more challenging to learn than others.
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10 Iconic Rock Songs with Classical Influences

Classic music has influenced a lot of other genres. Rock music is not an exception. Did you know that these 10 iconic rock hits were influenced by classical pieces? 1. Muse - Plug in Baby The original poster...
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12 Popular Bands That Are Hated Despite Their Success

Even if musicians have all the awards and popularity, haters will always find a way to hate. Ironically, the dislike for these 12 bands is precisely because they are TOO popular. However, some of the hate does come from how band members act and also certain songs.
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Top 10 Scariest Classical Pieces Ever Written

Depending on the arrangement, classical music envokes different emotions. Most of the popular pieces make people either emotional or relaxed. But some sontatas are great for Halloween. Here 10 of the most petrifying pieces of classical music. 1. "Black Angels," George Crumb (1970)
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12 Concerts That’d Be Catastrophes If Bands Really Embodied Their Names

Nowadays, people are sensitive with words. Some people look for deeper meaning into simple things, while others take things literally. Can you just imagine what it would be like if these 12 bands performed in the literal sense of their band names?  1....
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10 G.O.A.T Rock Bands According to the Internet

Naming the Greatest Rock Bands of all time is a daunting, if not impossible. And with only 10 spots, what criteria do you even start with? Luckily, the internet provides a good sample size of music enthusiasts who came up with this list.   
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