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10 Iconic Band Members Who Stood Out Among the Rest

A band's frontman is usually the most popular member of the group. But in terms of talent or overall stage presence, other members could arguably stand out more. Here are 10 non-lead vocalist band members who can actually became legends in their own right.
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10 Pop Hits You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Classical Pieces

Classical music is thought of as old school. But there's a reason why this genre has established itself in music history. The complex melodies are not only inspiring to listeners but modern-day musicians too. Did you know that these 10 pop hits drew inspiration from classical masterpieces?
Band Performing In Concert

10 Most Iconic Rock Bands of All Time

The late fifties paved the way for one of the most influential music genres, Rock and Roll. But more than just loud music and leather jackets, rock was revolutionary. It brought expression through music to another level by challenging political systems. And these 10 iconic bands left...
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12 Awesome Guilty Pleasure Songs for Your Secret Playlist

Judging other people's song preferences shouldn't be normalized. Yet everyone has that list of songs that they don't want people to know they like. Here are the 12 most popularly unpopular songs that people play of full blast when no one is around. Every...
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Genius in Melody: Unveiling the Minds of Music’s Greatest Intellectuals

A lot of eager artists start out early and go on to have successful careers in the arts. However, for other musicians, that is insufficient. In an effort to hone their brain, some people register in prestigious colleges to get their bachelor's, master's, and even doctoral degrees.
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Top 10 Movie Soundtracks Ever

Sound production is a huge part of creating a movie. In fact, some of the greatest movies are known specifically for their film score. The music enhances the emotions portrayed in different scenes, effectively bringing the story to life. We've compiled 10 of the best film soundtracks...
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The Definitive 80s Bands That Shaped an Era

The music industry saw a significant revolution in the 1980s as musicians boldly pushed the limits of sound and inventiveness. Artists adeptly blended many genres to wow audiences with their unique, catchy tunes and captivating live shows. Talking Heads Editorial...
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The 20 Best Rock Bands of the 70s

The 1970s saw a huge shift in rock music with the emergence of several influential bands and subgenres. The use of complex instruments and experimental sound design were two features that set 1970s rock music apart. Deep Purple Editorial credit:...
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10 Chart-Topping 90s Boy Bands That Became Icons

The 1990s was a decade that brought about significant changes in music, culture, and fashion. Among these transformations, the rise of boy bands left an indelible mark on the music industry. Characterized by their catchy tunes, synchronized dance moves, and heart-throb appearances, these groups garnered massive followings,...

20 Most Famous Guitarists of All Time

The guitar is more than simply a tool; it represents passion, inventiveness, and inventiveness in music. Some people have used this amazing six-string instrument throughout history to create a unique medium for artistic expression. The top 20 guitarists of all time have not only perfected their art but also...
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