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Who Is the Leader of an Orchestra?

The construction of an orchestra is a complex project, with several people taking leading roles. An orchestra is made up of several parts that are under the leadership of the conductor. The conductor may be leading the orchestra, but the orchestra leader is often the principal violinist who acts...
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Orchestra Instruments List

Orchestra instruments are divided into four main sections: string, brass, percussion, and woodwind. Each one is crucial to an orchestra's sound. And, our orchestra instruments list will give you a closer look to instruments played in symphony orchestras. String Instruments
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Symphony vs Orchestra vs Philharmonic: What’s The Difference?

The Boston Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic are some of the most celebrated groups. Each of these is similar in repertory, instrumentation and audience profile. What, then, makes them different, one from another? What's the difference between symphony vs orchestra vs philharmonic?
Antonio Stradivari

Who Was Antonio Stradivari?

For more than two centuries, Antonio Stradivari remains the greatest violin maker of all time. Many Stradivarius violins sell for millions of dollars these days. By combining excellent materials and superb craft, the luthier's violin design produced stringed instruments that have never been surpassed aesthetically and tonally. Stradivari is...
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