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Best Orchestras

9 Best Orchestras in the World

We all think our taste in music determines the best out there. However, the best orchestras in the world come with a fair number of requirements. Today we're taking a look at their founding and notable members. Here are the top orchestras in...
Tuba Low Instruments

What Are the Lowest Pitched Instruments?

Many instruments are capable of producing tones over a wide range of pitches. However, there are a few instruments that produce tones that are deeper than others. Low pitched instruments tend to be larger than instruments that produce high tones, as a result of the structure required for low...
Antonio Stradivari

Who Was Antonio Stradivari?

For more than two centuries, Antonio Stradivari remains the greatest violin maker of all time. Many Stradivarius violins sell for millions of dollars these days. By combining excellent materials and superb craft, the luthier's violin design produced stringed instruments that have never been surpassed aesthetically and tonally. Stradivari is...
What Are The Highest Pitched Instruments

What Are the Highest-Pitched Instruments?

Many instruments that are capable of producing high-pitched tones are known for their light and airy quality. High pitch instruments are typically smaller than their regular counterparts, giving them the capability to reach high tones. There are a variety of high-pitched instruments across the woodwind family, brass family, stringed...
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