Best Yamaha Electric Violins – Buying Guide for 2020


While acoustic violins generally get all of the attention, electric violins are instruments that can wow an audience. These violins can be made to sound like almost anything you want since their sound is all digital. One of the best makers of electric violins is none other than Yamaha, maker of many other great instruments. In this article, we’ll show you the best Yamaha electric violins so you can start playing the electric violin from a quality brand.

If you want to see what other electric violin brands we recommend, check out our guide on the best electric violins.

Best Yamaha Electric Violin

The Yamaha SV 130 is the most popular silent violin by Yamaha since it is one of the more affordable Yamaha electric violins. It also has amazing sound and a built-in reverb that can mimic a practice room, a concert hall, or a cathedral.

• Single piezo pickup
• Built-in reverb
• Aux-in

Best Yamaha 5 String Electric Violin

Kennedy Violins is one of the highest rated violin brands by customers and it shows. These fantastic intermediate violins are handcrafted from solid maple and spruce tonewoods, and come with everything you need to get started playing.

• Beautiful wood
• High-quality sound
• Easy set-up

Most Affordable Yahama Electric Violin

While no Yamaha silent violin is considered “cheap,” the YEV104NT electric violin is definitely on the more budget-friendly side at less than $600 at the time of this writing. Like the 105NT above, the 104NT is crafted out of six beautiful woods.

• Beautiful sound
• Looks amazing
• Hand-crafted

Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Violin

The Yamaha SV 130 is the most popular silent violin by Yamaha since it is one of the more affordable Yamaha electric violins. It also has amazing sound and a built-in reverb that can mimic a practice room, a concert hall, or a cathedral.

The SV 130 includes a single piezo electric pickup to produce the great sound. It also has a aux-in port so that you can play along with recorded accompaniment or favorite music.

The outfit comes with everything you need to get started including case, shoulder rest, rosin, and headphones. The violin itself is available in the following colors: black, candy apple red, antique brown, and navy blue.

Yamaha YEV105NT 5 String Electric Violin

The Yamaha YEV105NT silent violin is a beautiful instrument constructed from six different types of wood. The sound quality is as amazing as the instrument looks. It doesn’t need any batteries or headphones to play either. Just hook it up to amp and get jamming.

It is a five string electric violin which means that it has the E,A,D,G strings of the violin and the C string of the viola. You’ll have to buy the C-string separately. For recommendations as to which viola strings are best, read our viola strings guide.

The only downside to the YEV105NT is that it doesn’t come with a case or a bow since Yamaha expects that many violinists will already have their own bows and cases. If you still need help finding a new case for this violin, read our guide on the best violin cases.

Yamaha YEV104NT Electric Violin

The Yamaha YEV104NT is the most affordable of the Yamaha electric violins at less than $600. It’s beautifully crafted from six different woods and has a great sound for the price point.

This silent violin makes a great instrument for live performances, especially if you’re concerned about the aesthetics of the violin and the tone.

If the style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, try the YEV104BL model instead.

Yamaha SV200 Silent Electric Violin

If you’re looking for a more traditional electric violin, look no further than the Yamaha SV200. The oval shaped neck is designed to feel just like a regular acoustic violin down to the finish used.

While the body of the violin is all black, the neck and bridge are made from maple. The rest of the features including the fingerboard and chinrest are made from ebony.

You have the option of getting an accent under the fingerboard in blue, red, or wood-color, but we personally like the black color for this silent violin.

Yamaha SV-250 Electric Violin

The main differences between the SV-250 and the SV-200 above are the addition of the dual pickups which are located in the bridge and body, and the beautiful antique maple flame finish.

This electric violin is extremely lightweight at only 14 oz, weighing the same as an acoustic violin. This makes it very comfortable on the shoulder for playing.

As with most of the other Yamaha’s on this list, the SV-250 doesn’t come with a bow or case, so you will need to find one on your own.

The only complaint that people have is that the strings should be replaced. The SV-250 comes with D’addario Zyex strings, but when replaced with Larsen Virtuoso violin strings, the sound is much richer.

Yamaha SV-255 5 String Electric Violin

The SV-255 is another great five-string electric violin, however, it is about $1000 more expensive than the Yamaha YEV105NT reviewed above. The SV-255 is designed to look and feel much more like a traditional violin, from the weight (530g) to the shape of the body.

This violin features dual pickups: a piezo pickup in the body and a bridge pickup. By using the control box, you can select the ideal mix of sounds that you want from these pickups.

The unique hollow-body design is made from premium woods including ebony and maple.

Our main concern with the SV-255 is the price. At over $1800, you want to make sure that this is the right electric violin for you. Since there are many other electric violin options both from Yamaha and other brands, it might make sense to save your money.

What else do you need?

Most of the Yamaha electric violins above don’t come with a case or a bow. You can read more what you need to buy for a violin in our Buying a Violin Checklist guide.

Additionally, you will need an amplifier in order to hear the silent violins. We recommend the Fender Frontman. While it was made for guitars, it will work with violins as well.


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