The Top 25 Greatest 90s Rock Bands

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The 90s were known for many musical developments, including pop singers like Britney Spears, boy bands like Backstreet Boys, and the development of alternative and grunge rock. Many rock bands formed or grew in the 90s, and here are some favorites.


2048px Chumbawamba Tff
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While a lot of people may not know the name of the band since their Tubthumping song was a one-hit wonder, they know the lyrics. One Redditor didn’t even type the band’s name, saying “the only right answer is the band that sings songs that remind us of the good times and sings songs that remind us of the better times.”

Alice in Chains

Clarkston Michigan Usa 08 16 2022: Alice In Chains Performs With Breaking
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Another popular 90s band was Alice in Chains. One poster even named their “horse Rooster after their song.”


Chicago Il Aug. 5: Soundgarden Perform Their Historic Reunion
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Soundgarden was an influential American rock band from Seattle, known for its unique blend of grunge and alternative metal, with notable hits like “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman”. Someone said “they were so different – so very good…”

Pearl Jam

Seattle Wa Usa Sep 12 2022: Museum Of Pop
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Another Seattle-founded band, Pearl Jam was revolutionary to the grunge music scene. Redditors especially loved the album Ten.

Rage Against the Machine

Mountain View Ca/usa 9/13/16: Tom Morello Performs As Part
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Rage Against the Machine is an iconic American rock band known for their fusion of rap and heavy metal, and their politically charged lyrics. Their seminal hits like “Killing in the Name” and “Bulls on Parade” have left an indelible mark on the landscape of 1990s music and culture.


Barcelona Jun 3: Thom Yorke Lead Singer Of Radiohead
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Radiohead is a critically acclaimed British rock band known for their innovative and experimental sound, with genre-defying albums like “OK Computer” and “Kid A” shaping the direction of alternative music. One poster fondly remembers “listening to Kid A when it came out and thinking ‘well I guess it is the year 2000 and we’re in the future now’.”


Rome Italy August 05 2021 Detail Of The Cover
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Rounding out the list of Seattle bands, Nirvana was another band that changed the landscape of grunge music. One person said, “they really started my deep passion for music. They fostered a whole generation’s passion for music.”

The Cranberries

Bandung Indonesia August 11 2021: Cassette Tape From The
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Known mostly for their songs “Dreams” and “Linger,” one poster called The Cranberries “Iconic.”

Green Day

Monza Italy June 15: Billie Joe Armstrong And Greenday
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Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987, known for their rebellious lyrics and high-energy performances. With influential albums like “Dookie” and “American Idiot,” they’ve played a pivotal role in the resurgence and evolution of punk music into the mainstream.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Memphis Tennessee Usa 04 30 2022: The Smashing Pumpkins Band Perform
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The Smashing Pumpkins are an American alternative rock band that emerged in the early 90s, renowned for their layered sounds and introspective lyrics. Known for their albums “Siamese Dream” and “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness,” they’ve left an indelible impact on the alternative rock landscape.

Stone Temple Pilots

Rio De Janeiro February 15 2019. Vocalist Jeff Gutt And
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Stone Temple Pilots are an American rock band that rose to fame during the grunge movement of the early 1990s, best known for their distinctive blend of hard rock, psychedelia, and grunge. Their memorable hits like “Plush” and “Interstate Love Song,” along with albums such as “Core” and “Purple,” have solidified their place in rock history. One poster particularly liked the acoustic version of “Plush” better than the original.


King Buzzo
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People think the Melvins still do great live performances, and one commenter said, “If you’re not familiar with Melvins check out the album Houdini. Kurt from Nirvana used to roadie for them occasionally.”


Nyon Switzerland 19 July 2017: Concert Of American Rock
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Lots of people loved the Pixies, but one commenter had a great story:

“When I saw The Pixies a section of the roof had quite literally fallen on our seats. There was a massive concrete slab (no rubble, they had cleaned that up) where we were supposed to sit. It was 23rd row. I went and grabbed the usher, and asked what we should do.

They shrugged. “Go to the front, I guess.”

And that’s how I have Kim Deal’s pick on my dreamcatcher.”

Nine Inch Nails

Budapest Aug 11: Trent Reznor Of Nine Inch Nails
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A well-known 90s grunge band, one commenter said “Man the 90s had it all.”


Kyiv November 12: Shirley Manson From Garbage Performs As
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Garbage is an American-Scottish alternative rock band formed in 1993, known for their fusion of diverse genres like grunge, techno, and trip hop. With acclaimed albums like their self-titled debut “Garbage” and the follow-up “Version 2.0,” the band has made a significant impact with their unique sound and socially-conscious lyrics.

One person said they “Got to see them live a couple of years ago when they toured with Alanis. They still sound amazing.”


rem band
Editorial credit: Northfoto /

A popular band that started in the 80s, they were a well-known band in the 90s with one user claiming they “were the biggest band in the world in 1995.”


22 June 2022. Hella Mega Tour Stadspark Groningen The Netherlands.
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Another influential 90s band, one commenter said that they will “never get tired of Pinkerton.”

The Offspring

Rio De Janeiro Brazil September 24th 2017 Us Rock Band dexter holland offspring
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A well-known band of the 90s that even Weird Al parodied, one user mentioned that the lead singer is also a genius, having attained a PhD in molecular biology.

Gin Blossoms

Robin Wilson And Scott Johnson Of The Gin Blossoms Perform
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Gin Blossoms created several pop songs during the 90s. One commenter said that “All the other 90s bands are ‘Hey Jealousy.'”


Chino Moreno Of Deftones Performs On Stage At The Sse
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Deftones is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, formed in 1988, renowned for their experimental, genre-blending style. Their distinct sound combines elements of metal, shoegaze, dream pop, and trip hop, resulting in critically acclaimed albums like “White Pony” and “Diamond Eyes.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Napa Ca/usa 5/29/16: Red Hot Chili Peppers Perform At
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While they were “formed in the 80s, but they really took off during the 90s.”


Benicassim Spain Jul 18: Blur (band) In Concert At
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Most famously known for “Song 2”, one Redditor said “Phenomenal songwriting. They had a sound, but there’s nothing samey about their music; they kept it fresh and exciting.”

Faith No More

Novi Sad Serbia July 11 Faith No More Performing
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One commenter said, “They never get enough love when talking about 90s music!”

Modest Mouse

Detroit Mi / Usa March 3 2018: Modest Mouse
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Several commenters were surprised at how low in the list they were. One poster said, “All the albums and eps were incredible in the 90s.”


Benicassim Spain Jul 15: Liam Gallagher (musician) Performs In
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While a popular band in the U.S., one commenter said “I wonder how many realize how massive they were in the UK and worldwide. What Nirvana is to grunge Oasis is to Britpop.”

And Many Others

Redditors also loved Foo Fighters, Ween, Jane’s Addiction, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Blink-182, and many others.

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