Famous Male Opera Singers You Should Listen To

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From tenors to baritones, countertenors to castrati, these male opera singers have captivated audiences and left a lasting impression on the music industry. Some even crossed over to popular music and released award-winning albums. In this article, you’ll discover who these opera singers are.  

Luciano Pavarotti

photo of one of the most famous opera singers, Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti is one of the most well-known male opera singers. He was born in 1935 in Modena, Italy, and began his opera career in the early 1960s. Pavarotti was a tenor known for his bright, ringing tone and effortless high notes. He was also a regular performer at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Royal Opera House in London, and La Scala in Milan.

In addition to his opera performances, Pavarotti was a successful recording artist, with several albums reaching the top of the classical music charts. His rendition of “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot is one of the most famous operatic recordings ever.

Tito Schipa

Tito Schipa

Next on our list of famous male opera singers is Tito Schipa. Born in Italy in 1888, Schipa was a tenor known for his beautiful voice and impeccable technique. He performed in many operas, including Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Verdi’s Rigoletto. Schipa was also known for his recordings of popular songs and operatic arias, which helped him reach a wider audience.

Schipa was a gifted actor and appeared in several films. He retired from performing in 1958 and spent his remaining years teaching at the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome. Schipa passed away in 1965 at the age of 77.

Enrico Caruso

photo of opera singer Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso was born in Naples, Italy, in 1873 and is regarded as one of the greatest tenors in the history of opera. In the late 19th century, he began his career and gained fame by performing at major opera houses worldwide, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Caruso was famous for his beautiful, powerful voice and ability to convey emotion through song. He was also one of the first opera singers to make recordings, which helped to spread his fame and popularity even further.

Caruso died at 48 from pneumonia-related complications, which cut short his career. Yet, opera fans worldwide continue to admire his recordings, and his legacy lives on.

Juan Diego Flórez

photo of opera singer, Juan Diego Flórez

Juan Diego Flórez is a Peruvian tenor praised for his beautiful voice and virtuosic technique. He began his career in the 1990s and gained a reputation as one of the most exciting young opera singers of his generation.

He is best known for his performances of bel canto operas, which need great agility and control. Like many other legendary opera singers on this list, he has performed at many of the world’s major opera houses, including La Scala, the Royal Opera House, and the Metropolitan Opera.

He also released many successful albums, including “Una Furtiva Lagrima,” which features some of his most beloved recordings and his opera performances.

Plácido Domingo

photo of opera singer Plácido Domingo performing on stage.

Plácido Domingo is a Spanish tenor who has performed at many prestigious opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera and La Scala. Domingo is best known for his versatility, as he has sung various operatic roles throughout his career. He is also a respected conductor and has served as the general director of the Los Angeles Opera.

Despite some controversy surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct, Domingo’s career has continued, and he is still a beloved figure in the opera world.

Mario Lanza

black and white photo of opera singer, Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza was an American tenor who succeeded in the 1940s and 1950s. Lanza was born in Philadelphia in 1921 and was famous for his strong voice and intense performances. He acted in various Hollywood movies, such as The Great Caruso and The Toast of New Orleans.

Lanza’s music reached a wide audience, and he became one of the most popular male opera singers of his time. He was famous for performing arias from popular operas like Tosca and La Traviata. He also recorded well-known songs such as “Be My Love” and “Because You’re Mine.”

Lanza died in 1959 at the age of 38, but fans worldwide continue to celebrate his music to this day.

Morris Robinson

photo of Morris Robinson, a well-known opera singer.

Morris Robinson is a bass who has recently made a name for himself in the opera world. Born in the United States in 1969, Robinson pursued a career in football before turning to music. He debuted his opera in 2000 and has since performed in many productions, including Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen and Puccini’s La Bohème.

Robinson’s deep, powerful voice has earned him critical acclaim and a loyal following among opera fans. He has also performed in solo concerts and recorded several albums.

Robinson is not only a performer but also a dedicated educator. He teaches at the Atlanta Opera Studio and is part of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music faculty at the University of Georgia.

Franco Corelli

photo of opera singer, Franco Corelli

Franco Corelli was an Italian tenor known for his powerful voice and commanding stage presence. He began his career in the 1950s and became one of the most sought-after opera singers in the world. Corelli was well-known for his performances of Verdi and Puccini operas. He also made several recordings that are still admired by opera fans today.

Corelli died in 2003 at 82, but his legacy as one of the greatest tenors in the world will forever live on.

Alfredo Kraus

photo of famous male opera singer, Alfredo Kraus

Alfredo Kraus was a Spanish tenor born on November 24, 1927, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Kraus’s remarkable vocal range allowed him to sing tenor and baritone roles. He began his career in opera as a baritone but later shifted to the tenor voice type, which better fit his natural range.

Kraus was a well-known opera singer who performed in famous opera houses worldwide. He was highly regarded for his performances in the bel canto repertoire. This repertoire consisted of works by Vincenzo Bellini and Gaetano Donizetti. Kraus performed at prestigious venues such as the Metropolitan Opera, Vienna State Opera, and Royal Opera House.

Andrea Bocelli

photo of famous blind opera singer, Andrea Bocelli performing on stage

Andrea Bocelli is a tenor opera singer, songwriter, and record producer. Bocelli was born with congenital glaucoma, which led to his blindness. Despite this, he pursued his passion for music and became one of the best opera singers of his time.

Bocelli has sung in many famous opera houses, such as the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House, and La Scala. He is particularly known for his rendition of the song “Con te partirò,” which he performed with Sarah Brightman and later recorded as a solo.

Bocelli has released many successful albums in pop and classical crossover genres. 

Bryn Terfel

photo of famous opera singer Bryn Terfel

Bryn Terfel is a Welsh bass-baritone born November 9, 1965, in Pantglas, North Wales. Terfel is a renowned singer who has made several successful albums. These include traditional Welsh songs and classical compositions. He has participated in many productions of Wagner’s operas, including the Ring cycle.

Terfel performed at many prestigious opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House, and La Scala. He has also won many accolades, including two Grammy Awards for Best Opera Recording.

Terfel is a well-known artist who has recorded several popular albums. He recorded both traditional Welsh songs and classical pieces.

Wynne Evans

photo of Wynne Evans's album.

Our final male opera singer is Wynne Evans, a Welsh tenor who has become a household name in the United Kingdom. Born in 1972, Evans has performed in many operas and concerts, including The Barber of Seville and Tosca productions.

Evans rose to fame by starring in a set of TV commercials for a British mobile phone firm. In these ads, he sings a famous aria from Puccini’s Turandot, which made him a celebrity.

Evans is a dedicated supporter of several charities. Two notable organizations are the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff and the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust.  

Final Thoughts 

Male classical singers have made a significant contribution to the world of classical music with their powerful and passionate performances. Luciano Pavarotti, Enrico Caruso, Plácido Domingo, and other famous male opera singers have set a high standard for future generations of classical singers to follow. 

Who are your favorites? Did we miss a soprano, contralto, or mezzo-soprano male opera singer? Let us know in the comments! 


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