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16 Best Music Schools in the US

Joining one of the best music conservatories in the US is a great decision for those who want to pursue a music career in the future. They have the most experienced faculty, the best music facilities, and a wide range of music degrees.
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Was Beethoven Black? A Radical New Idea Has Taken the Internet by Storm

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a pianist and composer, and to date, stays the most admired composer in Western music's history. Every couple of years, the 'was Beethoven black?" debate keeps resurfacing on social media. But, it's not a recent argument. For centuries, people have speculated that he...
Best Record Player With Speakers

Best Record Players With Speakers

Record players with built-in speakers are a compact, convenient way to enjoy your record collection. Whether you have been a fan of vinyl for years or you are just starting to collect records, there is a model to meet your needs. Below are several popular models to help you...
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Symphony vs Orchestra vs Philharmonic: What’s The Difference?

The Boston Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic are some of the most celebrated groups. Each of these is similar in repertory, instrumentation and audience profile. What, then, makes them different, one from another? What's the difference between symphony vs orchestra vs philharmonic?
Hardest And Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn

15 Hardest & Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

Learning a musical instrument can be one of the most rewarding things you take. No matter what instrument you choose, there are always challenging parts to master any instrument. However, some instruments are naturally harder than others to even learn as a beginner, let alone master. Below...
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What Are the Different Classical Music Eras?

Music, the way it is today, has come a long way. The music progress can fit seven main periods from the last thousand years or so. Each of the classical music eras has something musically unique that sets it apart from the rest. 7...
Oboe Concertos

Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

The oboe is a beautiful solo instrument that features in many symphonies as well as concertos. We've collected the ten best oboe concertos into the following list so that you can enjoy the lovely melodies of this instrument. 1. Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in C Major, Op. 9, No. 5 This beautiful...
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What Is Meter in Music?

ONE, two, three, four. ONE, two, three, four. Musical rhythm can be broken down into meters, usually denoted by a four or eight count in Western-style music. But what is meter in music? Simply put, the meter of music is the pattern that the...
Man holding a music sheet with Opus

What Is an Opus?

What is an opus? Opus goes by the abbreviation op, and that is how most people know it. It is the digit allocated for any music in order of album composition. Some of its importance include helping in the music stage determination. It will...
10 Best Music Schools In The World

10 Best Music Schools in the World

When it comes to music schools, based on one’s fervor, those who want to study the subject or merely love music are inhibited and privileged simultaneously. They would need to identify the best music schools in the world, with a good reputation, to help them reach their vision or...
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