Best cello strings

10 Best Cello Strings Review 2020

Whether you’re looking for your first set of cello strings for a new cello or looking to try new strings to see how they sound, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the best cello strings available on the market to help you make an informed decision about which strings to get. No single cello string brand will sound the same on every cello since the wood in each cello absorbs and amplifies the vibrations from the cello strings differently. We recommend trying several different cello strings to understand which strings make your cello sing.
Cello Suites - Bach

Best Cello Pieces for Intermediate Students

Being an intermediate student is quite an achievement. It means you successfully passed the hard first years where nothing really sounds quite right, and...
carbon fiber bow

Best Carbon Fiber Cello Bows 2020

So you’re looking to step up from your very first bow… or maybe you’re looking for an “all-terrain” second bow… or maybe you’re a...
cello rosin

Best Cello Rosin for Students

In order make sound, a cello bow needs rosin. A good quality rosin can make your cello sound great. However, finding the best cello...

Why You Need a Dampit and How to Use It

Do you regularly travel with your instrument or keep it in a dry, heated place during the winter? If so, you'll want to invest...
cello christmas

10 Best Gifts for Cello Players 2020

Need a gift for a favorite cello player? Finding the best cellist gifts for them can be tough, but don't fear! Whether you're looking...
Man playing cello

Best Cello Pieces of All Time

From Bach's Cello Suites to Dvorak's Cello Concerto, the cello has without a doubt some of the most beautiful music ever written. Here is...
Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello

Best Electric Cellos – Buying Guide for 2020

Electric cellos are a great option for any cellist who wants to try something other than the traditional acoustic cello. Electric cellos can be really...
Best Beginner Cello Brands and Models

10 Best Beginner Cellos & Cello Brands 2020

Whether you're looking for a beginner cello for a student or yourself, you've come to the right place. Finding a beginner cello can be...

Best D Z Strad Cellos 2020

As a cellist, you have to be critical of the brand of the cello that you are going to purchase. Since the quality of...

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