16 Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

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If you’re in the market for special gifts for musicians, you’ve come to the right place! We have really cool and unique music-themed gifts that your favorite musician or music lover will adore. And, don’t worry if the recipient is picky — we’ve included practical and functional options that they will love!

1. Karaoke Microphone 

Whether shopping for a professional musician or just someone who loves to sing their heart out, there’s no better gift than a wireless karaoke microphone.

One of the best gifts for musicians, this device has a built-in Bluetooth-enabled speaker and includes all the accessories required to tether it to your home sound system. If you want to record and playback the performances, you can connect it to its smart device singing app!

Karaoke Microphone

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2. Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 

This portable vinyl record player is as functional as it is beautiful — it is housed in a briefcase-style, portable case! The record player has a three-speed turntable that can play seven-inch, ten-inch, and 12-inch vinyl records. If you prefer listening to music streaming services, you can connect the record player to your phone’s Bluetooth or use the auxiliary input. You can even plug in headphones or connect an external amplifier.

Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

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3. Guitar Cooking Utensil Set

This four-piece wooden utensil set is the perfect housewarming gift for a music lover. It comes with four bamboo cooking utensils, each of which is outfitted with a guitar-neck aesthetic. The set features a spoon, a fork, and two spatulas; each utensil’s neck measures 11.75 inches long, the perfect length for stirring deep pots. Best of all, the utensils are stain- and odor-resistant, and splinter-free. A gift like this will have your recipient rocking out at every meal.

Guitar Cooking Utensil Set

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4. Vinyl Record Coasters 

These adorable novelty coasters make for quirky and thoughtful gifts for musicians and music lovers. The set comes with six retro-style vinyl record coasters, and each features a colorful record label. A faux record player is also included for storing the coasters neatly.

Vinyl Record Coasters

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5. Vintage Guitar Hooks

Perfect for decorating a music lover’s studio, office, or home, this set of three guitar neck hooks makes a super cool gift. The resin and metal construction of the hooks are sturdy and can bear up to 55 pounds of weight. Best of all, your gift recipient will have these adorable hooks hung in no time as they come with the hardware and instructions necessary for easy installation.

Vintage Guitar Hooks

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6. Sleeping Headphones

This sleeping headphone is a delightful gift for music lovers or anyone who prefers sleeping while listening to sleep music.

It is a soft and comfortable sleeping mask that doubles as small, personal speakers. The headphones are worn over the eyes, darkening any room. It also covers the ears with speaker muffs — peaceful music can be played to elicit blissful sleep! These are great for road trips, air travel, hotel stays, and beyond.

Sleeping Headphones

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7. 1000 Record Covers

This beautiful hardcover art book explores rock album covers from the 1960s through the 1990s. Record covers themselves are expressions of art; 1,000 such covers are presented in vivid colors, each with biographical information and a brief narrative of its significance. A lovely coffee table book, “1,000 Record Covers,” is a superior gift for art and music lovers.

1000 Record Covers

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8. Band T-Shirts

Whether your friend prefers the grunge rock sensibilities of Nirvana or the class rock style of Journey, these t-shirts run the gamut from one iconic band to the next! Inclusively sized, iconically depicted and made of 100% cotton, you can’t beat the classicism of a good old band t-shirt.

Band T-Shirts

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9. Smart Light Bulb

The Smart Light Bulb is totally gift-worthy. Don’t worry, it’s not your regular screw-in light bulb — it can also play music!

Confused? Well, this light bulb is also a wireless speaker! Using an app, you can control the light brightness and adjust the volume or skip the track right from your phone. Best of all, the energy-saving bulb has a 25,000-hour lifespan. Your favorite music lover will revel in this innovative gift.

Smart Light Bulb

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10. Headphones

Always one of the most popular gifts for musicians, headphones are one of a music lover’s few staples. These professional headphones will have your favorite musician tuned into high-quality audio! The cushioned headphone muffs provide listeners with closed-in sound and optimal comfort. They even fold up neatly for storage, come with a convenient travel case, and includes a nearly 10-foot cord and gold auxiliary plug.


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11. Headphone Stand

If you know a music lover who could use the convenience and chic aesthetic of a headphone stand, this is the gift for him/her. It’s not an ordinary stand. It has three built-in USB ports that you can use to transfer data.

A back-mounted hook is also available so you can finally say goodbye to headphones wires taking up desk space. If you are worried that the hook will scratch the headphones, don’t be! The hook comes with a rubber mounting.

Headphone Stand

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12. Drumstick Utensils

This clever gift is perfect for your favorite percussionist. The set comes with two wooden spoons are made of solid beechwood one slotted and one flat. Each one measures 13 inches in length and is made of solid beechwood.

What makes them stand out and one of the best gifts for musicians is their drumstick-shaped handles. These cute spoons are great for stirring your favorite recipes or drumming out a tune on your pots and pans. Inevitably, a musician or music lover will adore these drumstick utensils.

Drumstick Utensils

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13. Guitar Amp Key Hanger

This key hanger is one of a kind. It is equipped with four auxiliary input terminals and four corresponding guitar plug keychains. Simply mount the amp, add the guitar plug to your keyset, and plug them in to neatly hang from the mount at the end of the day. If you are worried that it will look tacky, fear not! The amp hanger looks realistic thanks to its brushed metal faceplate, real black amp fabric, and authentic Marshall logo. And, don’t worry about installation. The mounting hardware is already included.

Guitar Amp Key Hanger

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14. Music Note Blanket

This microfiber blanket is one of the coziest gifts for music lovers. It measures 50×60 inches, making it a perfect couch throw, bed cover, or travel blanket. The blanket is double-sided, featuring the same black and white music notes on both sides.

Music Note Blanket

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15. Art Building Kit

This collectible LEGO building kit comes together to create an astounding image of one of the four members of The Beatles. The kit comes with nearly 3,000 pieces, and the finished, mountable product measures approximately 16x16x2 inches. Building this kit is a listening experience as well — you can play the included Beatles soundtrack! Best of all, you can purchase four of these kits to build a complete set of the band.

Art Building Kit

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16. 3D Lamp

This beautiful and unique 3D lamp is one of many exceptional gifts for musicians. The nightlight exudes a bright holographic image of a saxophone. The image can be emitted in a rotation of 16 bright colors, including blue, purple, and yellow, to name a few. The lamp’s other excellent features include dimmable lighting, two power sources, and flash/strobe/fade/smooth effects.

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