Gifts for Guitar Players: What Every Guitar Player Needs

Not sure what to get your favorite aspiring guitarist? It can feel a bit intimidating when browsing gifts for guitar players. Do they need this strange metal clip called a capo or a brand-new set of strings? Regardless of their skill level, here is a list of gifts the guitar player in your life is sure to appreciate!

1. Guitar Strings

Guitar styrings

This is one of the safest bets when shopping for gifts for guitar players. Why? Switching out guitar strings is inevitable! Changes in temperature and humidity can result in more frequent string maintenance. Not only that, strings can snap off, especially while tuning a guitar! This is why we see performers bring extra sets of strings on stage with them. It happens to the very best of us.

2. Guitar Tuner

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model) 1.8 x 1.8 x 3.5'

While many modern guitars have built-in tuners, nothing beats a standalone option. Plus, it is always handy to have a backup. After all, no one wants to play an out-of-tune instrument! Depending upon the guitar and the environment, most need tuning at least once a day. More humid or hot climates can need many tunings throughout the day. And, the best part? Your friend doesn’t require guitar modification! He can clip this guitar tuner on the headstock!

The Snark SN-8 Super Tuner is one of our top choices for the best tuners. In addition to electric guitars, you can also use it with other stringed instruments like a ukelele or bass.

3. Guitar Picks

D'Addario Accessories Beatles Guitar Picks - The Beatles Collectable Guitar Picks - Picks with Tin, 15 Pack, Logo

Is there such a thing as too many guitar picks? The simple answer is no. Guitar picks are like socks, bobby pins, or your favorite Tupperware – they disappear! Much like those ninja items, no one quite knows where they went. You might not even notice they’re missing until you need them. Plus, it’s always fun to have different colors, styles, and thicknesses to choose from! Remember, having a surplus of guitar picks never hurts!

4. Multi-Tool

Ibanez MTZ MTZ11 Quick Access Multi Tool, Red

Much like anything else, guitars can need minor repairs now and then. With a guitar-specific multi-tool, players can make repairs whenever, wherever, and for free! This includes changing strings, replacing nuts, or even adjusting the guitar’s neck. Chuck keys, screws, wrenches, and even rules are essential to the instrument’s upkeep. It is one of the most practical gifts for guitar players.

This multi-tool is 11 tools in one! It includes a ruler, screwdriver, and hex wrenches! Alternatively, you can get Ernie Ball Musician’s tool kit if your friend needs a string cutter and a peg winder. Remember, a happy guitar equals a happy musician!

5. String Cleaner


It is important to keep guitar strings clean. Guitarists apply string cleaner on the strings, fretboard, and back of the neck. Not to mention that dirty strings can leave marks on fingers! Plus, cleaning the strings allows for smooth transitions between chords and easier playing. In short, string cleaner keeps your guitar looking good and sounding great!

6. Brass Guitar Slide

Fender Brass Guitar Slide, Standard Medium

Much like guitar picks, brass slides are great gifts because they allow for a different playing style. It gives off a rich and bright tone needed in some songs. So, how does it work? Well, players wear a brass slide on the finger, and as the chord changes, they slide it across the fretboard.

7. Guitar Strap

KLIQ Vintage Woven Guitar Strap for Acoustic and Electric Guitars + 2 Free Rubber Strap Locks, 2 Free Guitar Picks and 1 Free Lace | '60s Jacquard Weave Hootenanny Style | Paisley Turquoise/Coffee

A fun way to accessorize any guitar is with a unique and colorful guitar strap! Plus, it benefits the guitarist in many ways, like relieving the pressure of holding a guitar. It is also helpful for those who wish to stand up during their performances or practice.

8. Guitar Stand

Amazon Basics Adjustable Guitar Folding A-Shape Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars with Non-Slip Rubber and Soft Foam Arms, Fully Assembled, Black

With a guitar stand, you will be providing the guitar the spotlight it deserves! A case or gig bag is great for traveling and storage, but a stand displays the guitar safely around your home. Plus, it creates easy access, an exciting conversation piece, and adds style to a room.

9. Guitar Wall Hanger

String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger, Wall Guitar Mount, Guitar Holder Hook for Wall, Fits All Size Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Black Walnut Hardwood - Made in USA

Does your friend have a limited floor space or have always wanted to display his Fender or collection of acoustic guitars? Get him this guitar wall hanger. All he needs is to drill some holes, and he can proudly have his instrument of choice in his living room, studio, bedroom, and anywhere else in his home!

This guitar wall hanger is also available in other sizes to accommodate bass, mandolin, cello, banjo, and even violins!

10. Capo

WINGO Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Rosewood Color with 5 Picks

Some musicians may call it a “cheater stick,” but most appreciate a capo’s convenience. Beginners will find that most of their beloved songs need a capo. If they do not have a capo, guitarists will have no choice but play the dreaded bar chords. Capos are also a great option to switch between keys with ease, which is perfect for any guitarist.

11. Guitar Cable

Ernie Ball Braided Instrument Cable, Straight/Angle, 10ft, Neon Green/Black (P06077)

A tangle-resistant guitar cable built to handle life on the road is something every player needs. Cables are essential when plugging into the amp in their bedroom or playing at a venue. A faulty or poor-quality cable decreases the quality of performance and results in noisy feedback.

12. Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amp, 10 Watts, with 2-Year Warranty, 6 Inch Fender Special Design Speaker, 5.75Dx10.25Wx11H Inches

If a guitarist is ready to take their performances to the next level, an amplifier is a great option! This holds true if they take their skills to a local venue, church, and other community events. They can even use this amplifier to show off their guitar skills to you and your group of friends. It can even pair with other instruments or a microphone for karaoke night!

13. Smartphone Holder

Mr.Power Smart Phone Smartphone Holder Mount Clip Suction Cup for Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar (Suction Cup Phone Holder)

Whether going to the gym or recording a song, our phones do about everything with us. A phone mount holder allows users to secure their phone on the guitar! It’s great for recordings and helpful for beginners who are referencing a YouTube tutorial! Having a phone in view allows the player to view chords, notes, or other learning tools as they play.

Imagine the ease one might learn with a tutorial playing in front of them. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Worried that it won’t fit your pal’s iPhone or Android device? Don’t be! This must-have guitar accessory has an adjustable clamp!

14. Pedal

Donner Octave Guitar Pedal, Harmonic Square Digital Octave Pedal Pitch Shifter 7 Shift Types 3 Tone Modes Sharp Detune Flat True Bypass

This is an excellent option for the more advanced guitar player because these devices provide more versatility in their performances. Plus, a pedal will ensure control over the octaves and harmonics. Some can even be connected to an iPad or PC!

This level of control is what some of the greatest performers use to take their music to the next level. The player must have advanced techniques, but the learning process is well worth it. Soon enough, they will be ready to hit the road in a tour bus!

15. Headphone Amp

VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

As great of a player as the person you are shopping for maybe, not everyone wants to hear them. At least not all the time. Headphone amps are a great option for those in dorms and apartments. It’s also helpful in other environments where residents value quiet time. Plug this Vox Amplug into a pair of headphones, and a guitarist will be at ease knowing it won’t cause a disturbance. Roommates and family will definitely appreciate this one!

16. Wireless System for Guitars

Getaria Upgrade 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar Bass

The wires coming from the amplifier to the guitar can become chaotic. Thankfully, one of the best gifts for guitar players is a wireless guitar system! Simply plug this nifty wireless system into the guitar and its receiver to the amp, and Viola! No more pesky wires to ruin your friend’s jamming session!

17. Machine Heads

Hipshot 6GLO Grip-Lock Locking Guitar Tuning Machines 3+3 - Universal Mounting Plate UMP included - Chrome

Never underestimate the importance of an accurate tune. Have you ever heard two performers play the same song? Did one sound better than the other, even if their technique was the same? A well-tuned guitar sounds different. It sounds better! Electric tuners are wonderful, but machine heads provide even more accurate tuning. It will peg and grip the strings for the most accurate, precise tuning.

This ideal gift is essential for intermediate guitar players as the precision can help perfect their skills.

18. Guitar Book

Guitar Book for Adult Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Famous Guitar Songs, Guitar Chords, Music Theory & Technique (Book & Streaming Video Lessons) ... by STEEPLECHASE ARTS & PRODUCTIONS)

Beginners and even experienced players can find benefits in a guitar manual. There are many guitar lessons and resources to find sheet music online, but there is more to a guitar than that. Players need a solid learning foundation. Those who are self-taught without reputable sources may learn they are “doing it the hard way.” They may also find that it helps to understand music theory. With this knowledge, they can learn songs easier and even start writing their own! Consider checking in and asking what they wish they could learn. It is likely covered in a book!

19. Guitar Pick Holder

Guitar Picks & Guitar Pick Holder Easy to Paste on the Guitar Suitable for Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar Bass Ukulele - Stick-on Holder + 10 Guitar Picks(Black Holder)

It’s time to stop losing guitar picks! With this helpful gift, musicians can carry their favorite picks everywhere they go! It is easy to store in one’s guitar case or directly on the guitar’s body! This way, players can ensure they have their favorite picks on hand whenever needed. They can even have multiple holders, so they can even organize by color, thickness, or however they like!


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