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Playing Violin

10 Most Difficult Musical Instruments to Learn

Music is an enriching hobby. It helps with coordination and is also mentally relaxing. And while enthusiasm plays a huge part in learning, some instruments need a certain level of talent and skill to master. These 10 instruments prove to be more challenging to learn than others.
tonalenergy tuning app

5 Best Tuner Apps in 2024: iPhone and Android

When the average musician is asked: "what tools do I need to help me get the most out of practicing?," the most common answers (besides the instrument and some music) are a tuner, metronome, and an audio recorder. At the top of most people’s list of importance,...
Best Bluetooth Page Turners

Best Bluetooth Page Turners: 2024 Review

Frantically trying to find our spot on the next page is all too common, but what if it were possible to get to the next page without hands? Bluetooth page turners are starting to make their way into the world of music, and these page turners will do just...
online music lessons

Best Tools for Online Music Lessons

Everyone has their own unique way of teaching and learning. When teaching music studies, most people prefer to do it in a familiar environment and are skeptical about teaching and instructing music lessons online. However, there are tons of courses and tools for teaching online music lessons. These online music...
Best Selling Musical Instrument

What Is the World’s Best Selling Musical Instrument?

When considering what the world's best selling musical instrument is, there are multiple factors to consider. Since instrument prices vary, you can't just look at the total retail value of a given instrument market. It's better to evaluate how many units were sold of each instrument. The Overall Most Popular...
music practice coach - lance laduke

Using S.M.A.R.T Goals to Crush Your Practice Sessions

I wrote a book a couple years ago (Music Practice Coach), designed to help musicians better organize their practice. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with countless musicians and music teachers and have seen these principles at work. In this article, I’ll cover one of the most...
music quote

100 Inspirational and Famous Music Quotes

Music can change lives and thankfully there are music quotes that capture how music has affected everyone from Einstein to Taylor Swift. Find our favorite 100 inspiration and famous music quotes below. "People haven't always been there for me but music always has." - Taylor Swift (Tweet This) "Music...
violin checklist

Best Violin Accessories

There are a number of violin accessories that you can buy to improve your playing experience, sound quality, and enjoyment. Some are necessary to play the violin properly and comfortably, while others are more just for fun (see pickups and transducers below). We cover the various violin accessories below,...

Why Every Cellist Should Study Popper Cello Etudes

If you play the cello and you want to improve your technique, Popper is here to save you. The High School of Cello Playing Op. 73 will become your cello bible and is used by all great cellists and teachers around the world. The go-to etudes will help you...

What is the Suzuki Method?

Have you ever heard of the Suzuki Method? Even if you are not a musician, almost every person out there has heard the word, Suzuki, at least once. People also associate it with violin and small children. So what is it really? Well, it’s a study method that was...
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