The Most Unforgettable Songs of the 2000s

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Can you believe it has been 20 years since the start of the century? How time flies by!

Listening to some of these masterpieces from the 2000s evokes nostalgic memories. They make us think about a time before touchscreen phones and much simpler living. Let’s revisit these timeless hits.

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

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First off is Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz. “Gorillaz music is absolutely timeless,” admits a poster. 

Hey Ya by Outkast

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Most people think of Hey Ya whenever Outkast is mentioned. It’s probably because this classic hit has a memorable chorus, great thumping beats, or its iconic music video.  

One More Time by Daft Punk

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Can you hear the beats to One More Time in your head as you read this? How about you jam it one more time? It is also okay to have it on a loop while driving or listening to your headphones. 

“This song is absolutely legendary,” says a poster. 

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

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The intro to Take Me Out is so damn good,” says a user. Plus, it is a perfect song for partying and chilling. 

Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes

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With Seven Nation Army’s iconic thumping beat and guitar riff, How can we miss this song? 

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

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Another banger by Gorillaz is Clint Eastwood. When the hit starts with “I ain’t happy,” you will be grooving to a sense of freedom as the band intended.

Every Time We Touch by Cascada

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“I am sure this is the radio jam that got my friends and me into techno, then electro, then hardstyle, dnb, jump style, trap, etc.,” explains a fan. Another responds, “It is impossible to not sing along with all the passion in your damn soul.”

Brightside by the Killers

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You never get tired of listening to Mr. Brightside as it is “an all-time banger.” And it is among the most-played songs in the UK, making it to the “top 100 charts every year.”

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

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Very underrated,” reads a post. And users from a popular online forum also recommend Just Tonight, The Sweetness, and Crush

Last Nite by the Strokes

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This song was released in 2001 but remains one of the 2000s banger hits and Stroke’s most famous song. It is the second single from their “Is This It” album that features more great songs like The Modern Age.

Get Low by Lil John

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Also, get back dancing down low with Lil John, The East Side Boyz, and the Ying Yang Twins in this song. 

Day N Nite by Kid Cudi

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This certified classic from Cudi is also worth listening to re-live your 2000s. “No better song to end the party or to smoke a late-night solo bowl,” says a fan.

“That album saved my sanity when I was depressed and alone in a foreign country,” writes another. 

Lose Yourself by Eminem

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When talking about rap, it is impossible to leave Eminem out of the mix, and Lose Yourself is one of the many bangers people play. It dives into themes such as overcoming adversities that the young and old can relate to. 

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