12 Most Moving Worship Songs for Modern Christians

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Worship songs are not exempted from music evolution. Christian hymns are constantly being modernized to resonate with all generations. Generally, songs with catchy tunes and captivating lyrics have a way of sticking to people’s heads. This works great to instill the messages that the hymns intend to convey to the churchgoers. Here are 12 modern worship songs that are growing in popularity.

King of My Heart by Steffany Gretzinger & Jeremy Riddle

In this well-known worship hymn, the refrain “Be the shadow where I hide The ransom for my life” extols God’s love while appealing to Him for rescue and deliverance.

Great Are You Lord by All Sons & Daughters

With its airy instrumentals and tight vocal harmonies, “Great Are You Lord” quickly became a staple worship song after All Sons & Daughters released it on their 2012 album Live. The simple yet poetic lyrics reflect on God’s greatness and splendor, repeating “Great are You Lord / It’s Your breath in our lungs / So we pour out our praise / We pour out our praise.” The chorus swells with layered vocals declaring “Great are You Lord!” This organic, folk-tinged song creates a reverent and intimate atmosphere of worship. Though originally written and recorded by David Leonard in 2001, All Sons & Daughters’ version popularized this raw devotional song for churches worldwide. Easy to learn and sing along to, “Great Are You Lord” has become a highlight of many modern worship sets thanks to its memorable melody and moving lyrics that stir one’s spirit to glorify and exalt God.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) By Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin’s new take on an age-old song has been rocking through worship halls around the world.

In Jesus Name (God of Possible) By Katy Nichole

“In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” is an upbeat declaration of faith released on Katy Nichole’s 2019 album. With its driving beat and Nichole’s raspy, soulful vocals, this song quickly captured listeners’ attention and became a modern worship favorite. The bold lyrics speak to overcoming obstacles and seeing miracles through the power of Jesus’ name: “In Jesus name, we are strong / When evil starts to rage / We trust His name.” The bridge swells to the tagline refrain of “You’re the God of possible,” affirming belief in God’s supernatural capabilities. Katy Nichole delivers a rousing vocal performance that shines in the simple but anthemic chorus as worshippers belt out “In Jesus name / I will break every chain.” Uplifting and empowering, this modern gospel tune rallies Christians to move forward in faith knowing Christ has already overcome.

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) By Matt Redman


“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” has become a modern worship anthem since its release on Matt Redman’s 2011 album. Its upbeat folk melody paired with meaningful lyrics have made it a church favorite. The song reflects on God’s endless grace and mighty works, with lines like “The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning / It’s time to sing Your song again.” The chorus invites worshippers to actively “bless the Lord” and proclaim His greatness. Simple yet poetic, “10,000 Reasons” came from Redman’s personal Scripture reading and prayer journals. The memorable melody and biblically-inspired lyrics remind singers of the countless reasons we have to praise God. From intimate acoustic performances to full band arrangements, this song resonates across church contexts as a call to worship the unending love and kindness of God.

What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship

“What a Beautiful Name” has become a staple in churches globally since its release on Hillsong Worship’s 2016 album. Penned by Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood, this emotive ballad celebrates the name of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. Gentle piano and swelling strings provide a reverent musical backdrop for the vivid lyrics describing Christ’s love and redemptive power: “You didn’t want heaven without us / So Jesus, You brought heaven down.” The bridge crescendos on the line “Death could not hold You / The veil tore before You” before flowing into the chorus of “What a beautiful Name it is.” With its poignant melody and focus on Christ’s resurrection victory, “What a Beautiful Name” has connected deeply with worshippers around the world, becoming one of the most streamed worship songs. It stands out as a tender and triumphant anthem glorifying Jesus above all other names.

Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

The simple yet powerful “Good Good Father” was released on Chris Tomlin’s 2016 album and quickly rose to be a defining modern worship anthem. The lyrics explore God’s nature and character, anchored by the repeating refrain “You’re a good good Father / It’s who You are.” Tomlin wrote the song with Pat Barrett to be prayerful and conversational while highlighting God’s attributes like kindness, wisdom, and faithfulness. Gentle acoustics build to a swelling chorus as worshippers sing praises to their Heavenly Father. Lines like “You are perfect in all of Your ways” resonate with affirming God’s unconditional love. The memorable melody and poignant bridge have made “Good Good Father” impactful in corporate worship settings as well as personal prayer. Its intimacy and scriptural depth have resonated widely, cementing this modern hymn as a timeless declaration of who God is.

How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin

With its rousing melody and poetic lyrics, “How Great Is Our God” has become a modern worship standard since its release on Chris Tomlin’s 2004 album. He wrote this song with Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash, and it quickly connected with churches. The opening lyrics reflect on God’s splendor in creation: “The splendor of the King / Clothed in majesty.” The chorus is a triumphant declaration of God’s greatness that builds through each repetition. Lines like “Age to age He stands / And time is in His hands” highlight God’s eternity and sovereignty. While originally recorded as a full contemporary arrangement, the versatile song translates powerful in acoustic performances too. “How Great Is Our God” ignites a spirit of praise in God’s people, calling them to glorify the Father for who He is. Its memorable Scripture-inspired lyrics and driving energy have made this a go-to anthem to sing boisterously in worship.

Everlasting God by Chris Tomlin

The uplifting melody and victorious lyrics of “Everlasting God” quickly made it a modern worship favorite when Chris Tomlin released it on his 2006 album See the Morning. He co-wrote it with Jesse Reeves and Brenton Brown. Opening with a bold African choir vocal, the song celebrates the eternal nature of God with descriptives like “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.” The chorus offers praise by proclaiming “You’re the everlasting God / The everlasting God.” Lines like “King of Heaven, forever reigns” affirm God’s sovereignty and power. The bridge crescendos in a series of “Hallelujahs” that lead back into the chorus. Recorded in numerous styles from acoustic to rock, “Everlasting God” rouses worshippers to glorify God for His steadfast presence and love. Its global popularity cemented this anthem as a fundamental modern hymn to glorify the enduring greatness of God.

Our God by Chris Tomlin

The upbeat anthem “Our God” has been a worship favorite since its release on Chris Tomlin’s 2010 album And If Our God Is For Us… He co-wrote it with Matt Redman and Jesse Reeves, crafting a song that celebrates God’s supremacy and strength. The opening verse describes God’s awe-inspiring character: “Water You turned to wine / Opened the eyes of the blind.” The chorus is a triumphant declaration of praise: “Our God is greater, our God is stronger.” Uplifting lyrics emphasize God’s grandeur and eternal reign: “The Lion and the Lamb, the Lamb that was slain.” Tomlin’s signature lead vocals and a driving drumbeat give this song an energetic yet reverent feel. The chorus refrain invites the church to loudly proclaim who God is together. Blending Scripture and engaging melodies, “Our God” has become a bold chorus of praise exalting the greatness of the Lord in worship gatherings worldwide.

You Will Be Found by Natalie Grant With Cory Asbury

“You Will Be Found” is a melodic ballad that invokes feelings of hope and reassurance. Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury released this timely collaboration in 2021. With its memorable piano and string swells, the song comforts the weary by pointing them to God’s promises and faithfulness. Lyrics such as “When all seems lost / Lift up your eyes / He will make a way” remind listeners of God’s sovereignty and care. Asbury’s soaring hook belts out the tagline “You will be found” over Grant’s soothing verses. Though co-written before the pandemic, this song resonated deeply as many faced loneliness and uncertainty. Its gentle yet uplifting message assures that in any dark season, God is there guiding and holding His beloved ones. With its raw vocals and vulnerable lyrics, “You Will Be Found” reached deep into the hearts of worshippers needing Good News in troubled times.

Something Better by Blanca Feat. Tauren Wells

Released in 2022, “Something Better” is an upbeat declaration of hope anchored in God’s promises. Blanca teams up with Tauren Wells on this melodic pop/gospel track with inspiring lyrics like “Even when it hurts, even when it’s hard, You’re not done working.” The chorus urges believers to stand on their faith despite trials, singing “You’re up to something better.” Blanca’s raspy, soulful vocals blend beautifully with Wells’ smooth runs, driving home the message of persevering and trusting in God’s plan. Lines like “Your word won’t return void” remind listeners of Scriptural truths to claim victory over temporary troubles. With its catchy hook, transparent storytelling, and uplifting message, “Something Better” struck a chord with many navigating personal struggles and hardship. Its bold proclamation of God’s sovereignty yearns to lift eyes from present circumstances to the brighter future He has prepared.

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