Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Violin Review 2024

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Buying an electric violin is a different experience from buying a traditional acoustic violin. With an acoustic violin, you’re looking for a violin that produces great sound. With an electric violin, you’re more concerned about the style and stage presence than the sound since the sound is filtred through cable anyway.

One of our favorite electric violins is the Yamaha SV 130 because it offers the best of both electric and acoustic musical instruments. We will review the Yamaha SV 130 violin below.

We will also explore unique features and benefits of the Yamaha SV 130 that make it stand out from other electric violins that you will come across.


Dimensions31" x 10" x 7"
Weight3.45 pounds
MaterialHard Mold Plastic, Maple, Spruce
BowsNone included
Outfit and additionals Kun shoulder rest

Overview of the Yamaha SV-130 Electric Violin

The Yamaha SV 130 violin is an excellent pick for an advanced level player who wants to experience the perfect type of sound. It brings forth a combination of both the acoustic and electric worlds.

The overall appearance is fantastic. The Yamaha SV-130 will look amazing on-stage. The manufacturer focuses on providing clients with a variety of color choice. You are free to choose between black, antique brown, navy blue, and candy apple red.

The violin is lightweight. Therefore, it is portable, which means that players can carry it from one place to another with ease. Additionally, you will not get tired if it is going to rest on your shoulders for a longer time.

The shoulder rest is adjustable according to preference. You also have the liberty of removing it if you do not need it.

The violin comes with different controls on its back. The player does not have to reach to the amplifier every time he or she needs to adjust the volume. They can merely adjust it using the independent volume button, which is only applicable when you connect it to the amplifier or your headphones.

Next to the volume button is a power button, which turns off the violin when not in use. The player should buy 2AA batteries to keep it running.

To connect it to the amplifier, you will need to use a regular guitar jack. The Yamaha electric violin has an auxiliary and an amplifier port. If the player wants to practice a song using its accompaniment, connect the MP3 or the CD to the violin through the auxiliary port. This is great because the sound produced is clear.

Remember that the electric violin is not noisy. The player will not disturb neighbors or roommates while practicing. The strings produce a muted sound when not amplified, which you cannot hear if you are in the next room. The 1/8-inch headphone port makes it possible for one to practice his violin lesson even during the wee hours of the night.

The violin also incorporates a built-in reverb system. It enhances the way the violin sounds depending on the type of event or genre of music that you want to play. The user can pick the practice room, cathedral, and concert hall options. Switch off the effects pad if you no longer want to use it.

The pre-amp feature amplifies the voice before it gets to the main amp. It also has a piezo pickup for a better quality of sound.

The Yamaha silent violin comes with a carbon composite bow. Users can also use a standard carbon bow. It will still produce the required sound.

Who is the Yamaha SV-130 best suited for?

This violin is suited for advanced players who want an electric violin that both looks great and sounds amazing. Any player who is looking for a quality electric violin for live performances should consider the Yamaha SV-130.

The Pros and Cons of the Yamaha SV-130

The Pros

The Yahama SV-130 has some amazing features:

1. Quality sound:
Well, this should be the primary goal when buying any stringed instrument. The sound from the pre-amp, the amp, and the strings is fantastic. Users can also boast of a refined sound because the strings almost sound natural like an acoustic violin. Therefore, you will not hear any difference.

If you want to practice without any sound effects, the controls behind the violin allow you to switch it off. Headphones port is suitable when you want to practice in a noisy room.

2. Lightweight:
The Yamaha SV 130 electric violin weighs about eight pounds. The player does not struggle to carry it on his shoulders if he or she is tired. Enjoy long hours of playtime with it.

3. Beautiful construction:
One benefit of this instrument is that you have a variety of colors to pick depending on your taste. Your friends will probably envy you mainly because of the shape of its body.

The Cons

1. Made for advanced players:
Many beginners would never want to hear this statement. Tutors insist that they should stick to their acoustic instrument. Nonetheless, classical students would rather not use the instrument as well.

2. Cable plugs into the front of the violin:
There is nothing wrong with the cable. However, the cable hangs out on the front of the violin, which would distract the player during playtime or practice.

3. Fewer reverb options
Players would love several reverb options to work with. The violin comes with just three options; thus, you need to invest in an extra pedal to enjoy these effects.

Construction and Materials Used:

The Yamaha silent violin features a stable structure that players will love.

  • The fingerboard and the pegs are made of Ebony
  • The frame is made from molded plastic and the body is made from spruce
  • The bridge and neck are made from maple

What’s is the package?

The Yamaha SV-130 outfit comes with a Kun shoulder rest, bridge, strings, and of course the violin. You will need to buy a violin case and violin bow separately.

What else will you need?

About the Company

Yamaha is one of the trusted companies in the world when it comes to manufacturing high-quality products. The company, which started in 1887, provides a wide range of products from musical instruments, robots, motorbikes, a wide range of furniture and home appliances.

They also have affiliates around the world. Therefore, we can all trust the company when it comes to the production of the best violins in the market.

Care for a Video Review?

If you want to listen to a professional play the instrument while providing a thorough review, watch a video review here.


If you love to practice without being noisy, then this is the best violin to purchase. The only time you will be allowed to become noisy is only when you are playing using your amplifier. The violin, which is light, would be the most suitable for people who want to play for a huge crowd.

Remember that the strings still produce the same sound like the acoustic version. Thus, it is an excellent substitute for your acoustic one. The strings are super silent; hence, practice can go on as usual during the night when everybody else is asleep. A newbie should not use this product unless they have a well-developed musical ear.


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