8 Popular NYC Violin Shops

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Finding a great violin shop is critical no matter what city or town you live in. NYC is no exception. Since NYC is so big (it’s called the Big Apple for a reason) and has world-renowned music schools such as Julliard, we curated a list of some of the most popular violin shops in NYC so that you can buy or repair your violin at a qualified and reputable violin shop. Found our list of the best NYC violin shops below.

Best Violin Shops in NYC

1. Dave Bonsey Fine Violins

Rating: 4.6

Dave Bonsey Fine Violins is a store that prides itself on completing sales and repairs of Violins. They provide high-quality customer service and offer a range of services including instrument sales, repairs, and appraisals. If you need an appraisal of any instruments with strings or a bow, the company also provides an estimate if needed. With over 35 years of experience, violin brands including Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini, Ceruti have been appraised at this violin shop prior to auction. If you also need your violin bow rehaired they will do this as well. A plus for this business is that dogs are allowed!

2. David Gage String Instruments

Rating: 4.6

Being recognized as one of the best NYC violin shops, many people pride this company on their engagement with the public. One customer has even stated that every time they go into their business they receive continued support and motivation to learn more about the instrument they are playing. If you are in need of renting the equipment they also provide this option. As a violin shop NYC, they are one of the few companies you can rent a violin for weeks at a time. As a violin store NYC, their location in New York is largely their main U.S. location.

3. Flushing Violin Shop

Rating: 4.5

Flushing Violin Shop focuses on high quality and affordable violins. They also sell violas and cellos. They offer many of these types of instruments for sale and for rent. In the event that you need an accessory for your violin or string instruments, they have a large inventory of accessories for all. They also have luthiers in the store to provide repairs.

4. Peter Lam Violin

Rating: 4.0

As a violin studio that makes, sells, and repairs violins they have been recently established in 2010. If you are in the need of seeking restoration for an older stringed instrument, Peter Lam Violin will be able to provide the professional services as needed. They actually have more than one location with their other largest location being in Hong Kong.

5. Gregory Singer Fine Violins

Rating: 4.4

Gregory Singer Fine Violins focuses on instruments that are more historical. They are in the market that has a primary inventory of many 18th century modern French, German, and Italian bow and string instruments. Their inventory also includes instruments such as the violin, viola, cellos, and bows. If you are new to these kinds of instruments the staff will be friendly and patient with you while trying to find even beginners the instruments for you to start developing and expanding your future musical talents.

6. Lukas Violins

Rating: 4.7

As an NYC violin store, Lukas Violins specializes in producing and manufacturing customs made violins and restorations. They also sell various other types of instruments and have expertise in the field of instrument making. The owner, Lukasz Wronski, has years of experience making many different instruments for beginners, professionals, and future collectors. If you are also in the need of receiving education in playing an instrument Lukas Violins also provides a nice alternative to learn.

7. Strings and Other Things

Rating: 4.7

As one of the top NYC Violin Shops, this violin shop resembles a European-style showroom and caters to string players of all levels. They partner with Christophe Landon Rare Violins to provide high-quality violins to advanced and professional players, but also partner with a variety of other violin suppliers to cater to beginners and intermediate players as well. They sell new instruments, rentals, and repairs.

8. David Segal Violins

Rating: 4.4

Established in 1975, it was originally located on West 54th Street in New York. It would later move to the Lincoln Center area in 1977. In addition to a wide range of various violins, violas, and cellos, they also offer products that appeal to both professionals and students. If you are in the market for strings, cases, or other accessories, they have a very large selection. Although you can request an appointment, walk-ins are not really ideal. They prefer to have time to prepare for showing and set-ups for clients. In the need you might need to be provided a weekend appointment, they may availability on Saturdays. This is only done by request and must require notice several days before.


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