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Playing Violin

10 Most Difficult Musical Instruments to Learn

Music is an enriching hobby. It helps with coordination and is also mentally relaxing. And while enthusiasm plays a huge part in learning, some instruments need a certain level of talent and skill to master. These 10 instruments prove to be more challenging to learn than others.
Hardest And Easiest Musical Instruments To Learn

15 Hardest & Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

Learning a musical instrument can be one of the most rewarding things you take. No matter what instrument you choose, there are always challenging parts to master any instrument. However, some instruments are naturally harder than others to even learn as a beginner, let alone master. Below...
15 Most Expensive Violins

15 Most Expensive Violins in the World

Dubbed as one of the most expressive instruments, the violin creates a lot of stories from its tone alone. But there are more stories to tell from the violin than from its tone. The most expensive violins have rich stories hidden on their wood and strings. Many notable virtuosos...
violin microphone

Best Violin Microphones and Pickups

If you play classical violin, you want your music to be heard whenever and wherever you are performing. Violin microphones can help amplify your sound when you are performing on stage. They are also great for recording studios so that you can isolate the sound of your violin. While...
Best Violin Books

Best Violin Books for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Violinists

Do you have a child who just started learning the violin? Do you teach beginner pianists? One of the very best ways to get a young student excited about learning a musical instrument is to get them playing songs that they like, know, or can at least recognize. Even...
best violin strings

10 Best Violin Strings & Sets – 2024 Review

Buying violin strings may seem like a routine that you have to go through every six months to a year, but it doesn't have to be. With the cost of violin strings sets rising every year it's important to make sure that your spending money on the best violin...
violin vs viola size

Violin vs. Viola: What Is the Difference?

To most laypeople, the differences between the viola and violin are confusing. As a matter of fact, some would think that they are the same instrument. But there's more to these instruments than meets the eye. In this article, we are going to explore the features that set these...
cecilio cvn 300

10 Best Cecilio Violins 2024

Cecilio has proven itself to be one of the most trusted brands when it comes to musical instruments, especially for beginner violins. Cecilio stringed instruments, in particular, are hand-crafted instruments that are made skilled luthiers to provide quality instruments at affordable prices. One of the most popular stringed instruments of...
carbon fiber violin bows

Best Carbon Fiber Violin Bows 2024

Aside from the violin itself, a violin bow is one of the essential pieces of equipment that any violinist needs. Since the bow is what creates the sound of the violin when drawn across the strings, choosing the right violin bow is imperative. While there are several materials used...
violin amp

Best Electric Violin Amps 2024

If you want to play the electric violin, you need an electric violin amp in order for the violin to make a sound. Even when you are just rehearsing at home or at a studio, you can benefit from an electric violin amp. In this guide, we'll help you...
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