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best violin strings

10 Best Violin Strings & Sets – 2022 Review

Buying violin strings may seem like a routine that you have to go through every six months to a year, but it doesn't have...
violin vs viola size

Violin vs. Viola: What Is the Difference?

To most laypeople, the differences between the viola and violin are confusing. As a matter of fact, some would think that they are the...
cecilio cvn 300

10 Best Cecilio Violins 2022

Cecilio has proven itself to be one of the most trusted brands when it comes to musical instruments, especially for beginner violins. Cecilio stringed...
carbon fiber violin bows

Best Carbon Fiber Violin Bows 2022

Aside from the violin itself, a violin bow is one of the essential pieces of equipment that any violinist needs. Since the bow is...
violin amp

Best Electric Violin Amps 2022

If you want to play the electric violin, you need an electric violin amp in order for the violin to make a sound. Even...
dz strad model 101

Best DZ Strad Violins Review

As a violinist, you need to understand who makes your instrument and what the quality of your violin is. Since the quality of your...
Best Bluetooth Page Turners

Best Bluetooth Page Turners: 2022 Review

Frantically trying to find our spot on the next page is all too common, but what if it were possible to get to the...
violin tuner

Free Online Violin Tuner

Our free violin tuner is an easy way to tune your violin on the go. Our tuner can be used for the standard GDAE...
protec violin case

Best Violin Cases – 2022 Review

Violins are very delicate instruments that can get scratched or broken very easily due to their size. Despite how careful you may be with...
Gift Guide For Violinists

14 Best Gifts for Violinists 2022

Need a gift for a favorite violin player? Finding the best violinist gifts for them can be tough, but don't fear! Whether you're looking...

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Best violin brands and models

Best Violin Brands for Beginner & Intermediate Students 2022

Buying a new violin is a huge investment and challenge if you don't know what to look for. You want to make sure that...
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Get access to free sheet music for the violin.

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