Best Xylophones for Kids Review 2020


A xylophone is percussion instrument that comprises of wooded, metal, or plastic bars which are arranged and tuned just like the keys of the piano. They are very simple to play (but challenging to master) so they make great toys for kids to introduce them to musical instruments. We’ve found some of the best xylophones for kids and wanted to share them with you to make your search easier.

Best Xylophone for Toddlers

A colorful xlyophone that is pre-tuned and exceeds top safety standards.

• Pre-tuned
• Colored keys
• Portable

Best Xylophone for Students

This wooden xylophone is a great educational xylophone when your kid is ready to learn how to play.

• 2 Octaves
• High-quality wood
• 13 tone bars

What to Look for in Xylophones for Kids

While you’;re looking for a xylophone for your kid, you need to take into consideration several features you should be looking for.

Range of the Xylophone

One of the first things that you have to consider when picking xylophones is the range. Most xylophones for kids only have one octave since they are relatively small. However, professional xylophones can go up to 3.5 octaves. If you want your kid to continue playing xylophone long-term, you should get them a xylophone that includes more than one octave so that they learn how to play a wider range of music.

Material of the Xylophone

As with any toy for kids, you should evaluate the safety of the xlyophone. Many xylophones are made from wood and metal, but you want to make sure that the xylophone you pick for your kid doesn’t include any small parts that could accidentally be swallowed. You also want to make sure that the xylophone keys will survive the constant hammering of the mallets which kids are certainly not going to withhold any restraint on.

The features which were mentioned above are just some of the key features that you should take into consideration when picking the best xylophones for kids. It is worth noting that the end choice will still be dependent on your preference.

All Xylophones for Kids

1. Small Fish Xylophone for Kids

The first of the best xylophones on our list is the Small Fish Xylophone for Kids. This an excellent musical instrument for toddlers because it does not only function as a toy, it could also be used as a classical percussion. It is characterized by its long-lasting wooden base and bright vibrant multi-colored keys which are marked from low C to high C. It also comes with a nontoxic mallet which provides a better sound and reduces the risk of choking. The keys are ensured to be in pitch.

Small Fish Xylophone for Kids - Best Xylophones for Kids

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2. aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids

The aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids is another great instrument for children. Its well-made and vibrantly colored metal keys produce clear tones. It consists of two mallets which are easy to hold and are fun to strike on to the keys. This sturdy and colorful xylophone will guarantee your children to create magical sounds and learn to appreciate music at an early age. This could jumpstart your toddler’s development in terms of music. Hence, let your kid learn and enjoy the xylophone as your child creates brilliant sounds.

aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids - Best Xylophones for Kids

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3. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone is a musical toy and instrument which are designed for kids. Its keys are hued vibrantly, making it look attractive to toddlers and young players. It includes an octave of notes, allowing children to play basic songs. Additionally, it consists of two wooden mallets which could become the caterpillar’s antennas once they are stored. As a beginner xylophone, this product is excellent for artistic expression, creative play, and development of fine motor skills. Additionally, it could help children explore basic musical concepts.

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone - Best Xylophones for Kids

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4. Smarkids Kids Xylophone

The Smarkids Kids Xylophone is another excellent musical instrument with eight metal keys which are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and steel alloy to create clear and vibrant tunes. Every key of this wooden xylophone has been fixed on the base in a stable way so that they would not fall off. It is also noted for its high-quality craftsmanship and smooth wood. The corners of this xylophone have been developed for kids. It has smooth round shapes which are designed for protection and safety.

Smarkids Kids Xylophone - Best Xylophones for Kids

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5. ammoon Musical Xylophone

The ammoon Musical Xylophone is a diatonic professional wooden xylophone for adults and children alike. It is a high-quality percussion instrument which could be used for teaching musicians. Additionally, this sturdy xylophone is great for schools and learning institutions. The thick wooden keys of this xylophone produce crystal clear sounds. Moreover, the base of the xylophone is strong. This product includes two wooden mallets and a hardwood natural finish base.

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6. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone is a wooden instrument toy with eight colored metal keys and two mallets which are designed to allow kids to play basic musical pieces. The multicolor keys allow children to develop hand and eye coordination. It comes with six double-sided song cards to help kids learn to read music.

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7. Silverstar 25 Note Kids Xylophone

The Silverstar kids’ xylophone features a 25 note range, G59 – G83, with steel bars which is more than any other xylophone on this list. It comes with a durable blue carrying case and two plastic mallets.

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8. Toysery 2 in 1 Piano Xylophone

The Toysery 2 in 1 Piano Xylophone is a classical musical instrument that is ideal for toddlers to develop color recognition, creativity, motor skills, and auditory ability. Its bright colors inspire the interest of the kids. Each piano key and xylophone bar have matching colors that are assigned to notes which provides for an excellent learning and musical experience. The package includes a the 2-in-1 piano/xylophone, two mallets, and a song book. Aside from being a perfect learning instrument, it could also be an excellent gift for kids on birthdays and holidays.

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9. TANGON Wooden Xylophone for Kids

The TANGON Wooden Xylophone for Kids is a musical instrument with eight keys of varying colors. It has been crafted with materials that are free of lead, phthalate, and BPAs to ensure the safety of your kids when using the said instrument. This wooden xylophone is a great avenue to introduce your children to music. It has accurate tuning, producing a pleasant sound. It is enticing to touch due to its perfect pitch. It includes a safety mallet so that it could be played well.

TANGON Wooden Xylophone for Kids - Best Xylophones for Kids

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10. Rolimate Wooden Xylophone

The last instrument on our list is the Rolimate Wooden Xylophone. It consists of 15 tone bars with varying colors for a wide note range. The brilliance of the design and the aesthetics of this xylophone make it appealing to toddlers so that they could be introduced to music. It has been classroom tested to ensure its durability. This xylophone comes with a pair of mallets which are ensured to be safe for kids to use.

Rolimate Wooden Xylophone - Best Xylophones for Kids

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We hope that this guide has helped you evaluate the available xylophones for kids on the market. A xylophone is a great gift for any child that will be sure to increase their enjoyment of music and might lead them to a life as a musician!


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