Best Xylophones for Kids Review 2024

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A xylophone is a percussion instrument made of wood, metal, or plastic bars which are arranged and tuned just like the keys of the piano. They are very simple to play (but challenging to master) so they make great toys for kids to introduce them to musical instruments. We’ve found some of the best xylophones for kids and wanted to share them with you to make your search easier. While most students will be introduced to xylophones in elementary school, it’s never too early to start your kid on the xylophone.

Best Xylophone for Toddlers

This is a very colorful xylophone that is lightweight, portable, and sounds great. Pre-tuned so you don’t need to tune it.


  • Tuned
  • Colorful keys
  • Lightweight

Xylophone Musical Toys for Baby Toddlers Kids with Harmonica, Wooden Musical Instruments Set with Mallets and Music Cards, Great Birthday Gifts for Preschool Kids Boys Girls

What to Look for in Xylophones for Kids

While you’re looking for a xylophone for your kid, you need to take into consideration several features you should be looking for.


Different size xylophones have different ranges and most children xylophones have small ranges. Even xylophones of the same size with the same number of bars have different ranges. Most kid xylophones have one octave since they are relatively small. Professional xylophones on the other can have up to 3.5 octaves in order to produce a wide range of music. Buying a xylophone with a larger range will help them to play a full-size xylophone later.

Construction and Materials

As with any toy, you want to be sure that your xylophone is safe for your child. Xylophones are typically made from wood and steel.

First, you want to make sure that your kid is old enough that they won’t swallow the keys of the xylophone. Be sure to read the description of the xylophones below to make sure you know for what age they are appropriate.

You should also look for xylophones that are constructed of durable materials. The constant hammering of the keys by young children can quickly deteriorate or break xylophones if not well-built. The xylophones in this list have been evaluated for durability.

All Xylophones for Kids

1. Small Fish Xylophone for Kids

The Small Fish Xylophone is an excellent first instrument for kids and toddlers because it teachers kids how playing musical instrument can be fun and improves their fine motor skills. The xylophone has a natural finish base made from wood and the eight brightly colored keys, made from steel bars, are marked from low C to high C. It comes with a nontoxic mallet to produce sound, sound cards, and a harmonica.

Xylophone Musical Toys for Baby Toddlers Kids with Harmonica, Wooden Musical Instruments Set with Mallets and Music Cards, Great Birthday Gifts for Preschool Kids Boys Girls

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2. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Made by one of the most popular brands for kids, the classic xylophone by Fisher-Price comes with 8 colorful keys, a safety mallet that doubles as a pull-cord, and wheels so your child can drag it around. The bottom is made from plastic so there’s no worry about splinters. PVC and BPA-free.

Fisher-Price Toddler Pull Toy, Classic Xylophone Pretend Musical Instrument with Mallet and Rolling Wheels for Ages 18+ Months

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3. aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids

The aGreatLife xylophone is another great xylophone for kids. The base of the xylophone is made from wood and the keys are made from steel. It’s well-made and has vibrantly colored metal keys that produce crystal clear sounds. The two wooden safety mallets are easy to hold for kids. This xylophone is sure to make kids appreciate music throughout their life. You can jumpstart your kid’s musical development, teaching them to appreciate what music can offer them. The kit also includes soundcards so your kid can learn and play along to popular songs. Free from BPAs and lead so you can be assured that this xylophone is safe.

Xylophone for Kids Ages 5-9, Xylophone for Toddlers 1-3 and 3-5, Glockenspiel Kids Musical Instruments & Toddler Instrument Set - Child-Safe and Well-Crafted Classic 5in1 Musical Toys for Toddlers 1-3

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4. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

A cute-looking xylophone, the is caterpillar xylophone are vibrantly hued with a caterpillar face that will be attractive for kids. It includes eight keys to play a full octave of notes which is sufficient for kids to play basic songs. It also comes with two safety mallets and a songbook so your kid can start playing immediately.

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone Musical Toy With Wooden Mallets 15.25' x 6.5' x 1.5 - For Toddlers,Ages 3+,Blue

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5. Smarkids Kids Xylophone

The Smarkids Kids Xylophone is another great option for kids. It comes with eight metal keys made from aluminum and steel alloys, strong enough to withstand constant pounding while still producing clear tones. The keys are secured to the wooden base so that they won’t come off easily when curious children try to play with them. It is also noted for its high-quality craftsmanship and smooth wood. The corners of the xylophone and keys have smooth edges designed to protect kids from sharp edges. The kit includes a harmonica and songbook as well.

Smarkids Wooden Xylophone for Kids & Harmonica Set - Professional Kids Musical Instruments Set Percussion Instruments with Mallets Award Winning Preschool Learning Musical Toys Birthday Gifts

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6. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play xylophone is made from wood and features eight brightly colored keys. The xylophone comes with six song cards which will teach your kids how to read music. The cards fit nicely in a stand on the back for easy reading. The song cards can even be stored in a drawer underneath the xylophone to keep everything organized.

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

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7. Silverstar 25 Note Kids Xylophone

Featuring a large, 25 note range, the Silverstar kids’ xylophone is a great introductory xylophone that will help your kid transition to a full-size xylophone when they grow up. The 25-note range is the largest of any xylophone on this list. The xylophone comes with a carrying case and two plastic mallets making it extremely portable.

Silverstar Professional Glockenspiel 25note Xylophone for kids musical instrument percussion instruments xylophone instrument

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8. Toysery 2-in-1 Piano/Xylophone

If you’re looking to teach your kid piano and xylophone in the future, the Toysery 2-in-1 piano xylophone will teach toddlers color recognition, creativity, motor skills, and auditory ability. Its bright colors inspire the interest of the kids. Each piano key and xylophone bar have matching colors that are assigned to notes which provides for an excellent learning and musical experience. The package includes a 2-in-1 piano/xylophone, two mallets, and a songbook. Aside from being a perfect learning instrument, it could also be an excellent gift for kids on birthdays and holidays.

Toysery 2 in 1 Baby Piano Xylophone for Toddlers. Piano Toy Musical Instrument with 8 Multicolored Key Scales in Crisp and Clear Tones. Mallet Included. Ages 3 Years and Above.

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9. Rolimate Wooden Xylophone

The last instrument on our list is the Rolimate Wooden Xylophone. It has a range of 15 notes identified by the 15 brilliantly colored xylophone keys which makes it really easy for students to know which notes to play. The colors make it easy for students to learn how to play. The st comes with two mallets which each have different sized hammers for playing harder or softer.

Xylophone 15 Keys Wooden Xylophone for Kids Glockenspiel Xylophone Toy Musical Instruments Preschool Learning Montesssori Toy, Child Safe Mallets, 1 2 3+ Years boy Girl Toddler Birthday

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Xylophones are a great way to introduce kids to playing musical instruments. We hope that this guide of the best xylophones for kids has been helpful and will help you find a great gift for your kid!

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