9 Best Ukulele Straps 2024

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There are a lot of ukulele straps available on the market. Just do a search on Amazon and you’ll see thousands. So how do you comb through these results to find the best ukulele strap? That’s where we come in. We’ve curated some fo the best ukulele straps so you can get back to playing sooner.

What to Look for in Ukulele Strap

There are two main features that differentiate ukulele straps: hooks and material of the strap.

Type of Strap

Ukulele straps have historically come with a button that is placed at the bottom of the ukulele and sometimes requires drilling. Newer ukulele straps come with hooks so you don’t need to drill the button to the bottom. However, you risk damaging the ukulele if the hook isn’t well-made and ends up scratching the ukulele. There are four different types of ukulele straps.

One-Button Straps

One button straps have a button on one side and a tying mechanism on the other side. The button goes at the base of the ukulele (sometimes requiring drilling) and the tie goes around the top of the ukulele, usually under the strings, around the headstock.

Two-Button Straps

Two-button straps are the same as one-button straps except that instead of a tying mechanism at the top, they have another button.

Leash Ukulele Straps

Leash straps don’t require you to drill a hole in your ukulele. One end has a loop that goes around the headstock. You then put the larger loop around your strumming arm (usually your right arm) and you support the ukulele that way.

Hook Ukulele Straps

Similar to leash straps, hook straps have a hook that fastens to the sound hole instead of a larger loop around your arm.

Material of the Ukulele Strap

Most modern ukulele straps are made of cotton for the main strap and leather at the ends. Cheaper ukulele straps tend to be made from nylon. Find a material that you like and that feels comfortable.

If you look for ukulele straps that have the features you want and make you the most comfortable, you will have a better experience.

All Ukulele Straps

1. MUSIC FIRST Country style Soft Cotton Ukulele Strap

A classic style ukulele strap, this strap has soft colors that go well with any ukulele. It comes with a button for the bottom of your ukulele and is made from cotton and genuine leather. It’s adjustable so it will fit kids and adults alike.

MUSIC FIRST Classic Country style Soft Yarn-dyed fabric & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Ukulele Shoulder Strap Version 2.0 With a MUSIC FIRST Genuine Leather Strap Locker

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2. CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Ukulele Strap

This ukuele strap has a beautiful color to match the vibe of the ukulele. This ukulele strap will conjour up visions of being on an island beach somewhere far away from real life. This is a one or two-button strap that comes with leather ends.

CLOUDMUSIC Ukulele Strap Tenor Concert Soprano Baritone Coloful Hawaii Floral Patterns For Adult Size Kids(National Blue)

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3. Lohanu Clip On Ukulele Strap

If you’re looking for an adjustable ukulele strap that you can quickly remove, this is it. It’s highly adjustable and can be worn in many different styles (around the neck, over the shoulder, and even around the back). It easily clips in the center ukulele hole so you don’t need to worry about having a button at the end to hold it. Fits both classical and acoustic style ukuleles. With this ukulele strap, you get two free ukulele picks and an instructional guide.

Clip On Ukulele Strap Black Color Adjustable In Various Length From Lohanu Ukulele Hook & Clips On Requires No Drilling High Quality Easy To Use Fits Any Uke Sizes Helps You Play Better & Easier!

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4. M33 Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Double Clip Uke Strap

This stylish hook ukulele strap comes with two hooks that don’t require any drilling of your nice ukulele. The soft fabric feels great against your neck and the leather ends can be adjusted for comfort no matter your posture or size. Great for jamming out without damaging your instrument.

M33 Ukulele Strap Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven, Double J Hooks Clip On Ukulele Belt

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5. CLOUDMUSIC Ukulele Strap Floral Pattern

This cotton and leather ukulele strap is beautifully decorated with a floral pattern to make you feel happy as you pluck away. The strap can be adjusted by moving the plastic slider up and down to accomodate kids and adults. It comes with a free strap button that makes drilling a hole in the bottom of your ukulele easier.

CLOUDMUSIC Tenor Concert Soprano Baritone Ukulele Strap Coloful Hawaii Floral Jacquard For Adult Size And Kids(Red Roses)

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6. Walker & Williams U-66-BLK Double Hook Ukulele Shoulder Strap

This shoulder strap makes carrying your ukulele very easy with no drilling involved and there’s no extra strap button needed. It includes two hooks that fasten into the main hole in your ukulele. It’s simple pattern is classic and will fit many vibes.

Walker & Williams U-66-BLK Black Double Hook Ukulele Strap With Premium Handmade Grain Leather Pad Hands Free For All Ukulele's

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7. Perris Leathers NWS15-1973

This is a very simple ukulele strap. It’s made nylon, features two holes in genuine buffalo leather to attach to a ukulele, and has an adjustable slider. It is about as basic as you can get with a ukulele strap and is therefore the most affordable ukulele strap on this list.

P Perri's Leathers Ltd. Strap (NWS15-1973), Black, 39” to 58”

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8. CLOUDMUSIC Scarf Style Ukulele Strap

This ukulele strap is super comfortable. The soft cotton scarf feels amazing around the neck and the pink flamingoes give it a tropical vibe. It features a single hook so you won’t need to drill a button into your ukulele.

CLOUDMUSIC Scarf Style Ukulele Strap No Drilling J Hook Clip On Ukulele Strap (Style 15)

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9. HOT SEAL Linen Style Adjustable Genuine Uke Strap

A bit different than the rest of the ukulele straps on this because it’s made from linen, the HOT SEAL ukulele strap is very comfortable and fits with any style. The set includes a pick, button with easy-drill screw, and head rope to attach the strap to the top of the ukulele.

HOT SEAL Linen Style Adjustable Genuine Uke Leather Metal Hook Ukulele Strap Strong Back Straps (Linen Light Brown)

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Do you need an ukulele strap?

Ukulele straps are an optional accessory, but they do make holding a ukulele much easier. They are especially useful for performances or if you play while standing up.

The ukulele strap also allows better resonance in the instrument since the ukulele won’t have to be tightly pressed against your body.

Can you use a guitar strap?

Yes, you can use a guitar strap, but it won’t fit as well.

How to use a ukulele strap?

Using a ukulele strap is pretty easy. The strap should come with instructions, but if not it should be easy to figure out. If your strap comes with at least one button, screw the first (or only) button into the bottom of your ukulele. If there’s a second button, screw it to somewhere on the top of the ukulele so that when the strap is connected, the ukulele hangs comfortably. If there is only one button, tie or hook the other end of the ukulele strap to the headstock.


We hope this list has helped you find a great ukulele strap that you can use for your new ukulele. For more, check our list of best ukulele brands and accessories.


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