Best Cello Rosin for Students

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In order to make sound, a cello bow needs rosin. Rosin adds friction to your cello bow so that it can grip the cello string. Good quality rosin can make your cello sound great while low-quality rosin can ruin a performance. With so many types and brands of cello rosin on the market, it can be hard to find the best cello rosin. That’s where we come in. In this article, we will help you find the best rosin for your cello.

What to Look for in Cello Rosin

Before you decide on which from the cello rosins is the most suitable for you, you should take note of what you should be looking for. Each of the cello rosins on this list offers different elements that may suit your preference.

Type of Rosin

One of the first things you have to look into is the type of cello rosins. There are three types of cello rosin: dark, amber, and light. Dark cello rosins are softer and are stickier for hot weather conditions. This feature makes them a better choice for cold climates. Light cello rosins, on the other hand, are harder than and not as sticky as the darker type.


The second element that you need to consider before buying cello rosins is their manner of packaging. The packaging of a cello rosin may affect its efficiency. For instance, a well-packed rosin can last a long time while loosely packed cello rosin might only cost you your money. Well-packed cello rosin is less prone to fractures or breaks. For young players or beginners, you should consider buying cello rosin that comes in a rectangular wooden block.

These are just a few of the features that you should consider before purchasing a cello rosin. However, it is worth noting that the final choice of cello rosin will ultimately depend on the preference of the cellist who will use it.

1. Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin For Cello

The Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin is best suited for stringed instruments the cello. The rosin delivers an excellent tone and a good grip. It is extra sticky, with only two swipes across the bow hair. This provides users with a beautiful thick coat. It offers excellent functionality for its price. The rosin could be an excellent choice when playing as a cellist. It is placed solidly in a shallow plastic disc, protecting the rosin from being broken into pieces

Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin For Violin-Viola-Cello

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2. Original Bernardel Rosin For Cello

The Original Bernardel Rosin is designed for stringed instruments such as the cello. It is a medium-light rosin which could be used by students and professional cello players alike. It creates a nice and smooth feel on the instrument. Light colored and medium sticky, using the rosin on the cello creates a clean and bright tone. It comes in a handy pouch which protect the rosin from outside elements.

The Original Bernardel Rosin For Violin - Viola - Cello

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3. D’Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin

D’Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin is a dark rosin made for stringed instruments like cellos. It is engineered with low dust to protect the users from any danger. Additionally, it ensures that bits of rosin do not drop all over the place. It is packed in an attractive case and is designed to be used conveniently with one hand. A dial found at the bottom of the case allows it to be turned to avoid the creation of an undesired groove.

D'Addario Violin Rosin - Cello Rosin - Kaplan Premium Dark Rosin with Case for Violin, Viola, Cello - For Horsehair or Synthetic Bows

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4. Pirastro Goldflex Rosin For Cello

The Pirastro Goldflex Rosin is well suited for instruments such as cellos. It features tiny flecks of gold inside the rosin which allows for an extra smooth grip. It is worth noting that the rosin provides a warm and bright tone, making it an essential gear for students and professionals alike. The rosin comes in a round cake inside a protective satin-like cloth.

Pirastro Goldflex Rosin For Violin - Viola - Cello

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5. The Original Hill Dark Rosin For Cello

The Original Hill Dark Rosin is a crucial equipment for cello students and professionals. This type of rosin is quite soft, yet it offers efficient results in the musicality of the cello. Furthermore, the rosin tends to create a better grip on the bow hair. It is packed in its stylized padded velveteen shell. Aside from being used for cellos, the rosin could also be used for other stringed instruments like viola and violin.

The Original Hill Dark Rosin For Violin - Viola - Cello

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6. Salchow Medium-Dark Rosin For Cello

The Salchow Medium-Dark Rosin is a single grade, medium dark color cake rosin. It is designed for stringed instruments such as the cello. The rosin is ideal for students and professionals alike. It could be stored in a protective navy blue cloth with a tie string. Since it is not too soft, the rosin would work efficiently when used on a cello. Moreover, it has a good grip and it does not stick too much.

Salchow Medium-Dark Rosin For Violin - Viola - Cello

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7. Jade L’Opera JADE Rosin for Cello

Jade L’Opera JADE Rosin for Cello is known for its smooth yet firm grip that would work well on natural and synthetic horse hair. Aside from being good and sticky, the rosin also has dust-free adhesion. Furthermore, it does not scratch fine varnishes. The rosin is wrapped in a protective velvet cloth wrap and stored in a plastic container. The rosin could also be used for violas and violins.

Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello

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8. Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin

The Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin is explicitly made for cellos. The rosin is made from natural resins and other selected materials. It is soft and sticky, making it efficient when used. Since it creates a buttery feel when used, the rosin helps create a smooth and warm sound. When it is not used, the rosin could be mounted to a cloth with a convenient plastic holder.

Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin

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9. Holstein Premium Cello Rosin

The Holstein Premium Cello Rosin provides an excellent balance of grip and a smooth release. The rosin is designed for fast release and superior articulation. Moreover, the rosin does not dust a lot, allowing cellists to use it frequently without having the hassle to clean the debris. It is non-damaging to fine varnishes. The rosin is engineered with a quality hard case and a broad base so users could apply it easily on their instruments.

Holstein Premium Violin, Viola, Cello Rosin Red Low Dust Smooth Release With Hard Case

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10. D’Addario Natural Rosin

The D’Addario Natural Rosin is an affordable yet efficient rosin for cellos and other instruments such as violins and violas. Made of all natural ingredients, the rosin works well with natural horsehair or synthetic hair bows. It is anchored in a plastic channel for better grip and application. Moreover, the rosin is an optimal product for bowed stringed instruments when exposed in colder and drier climates. It works decently on producing clean and crisp sound for its relatively inexpensive price.

D'Addario Violin Rosin - Cello Rosin - Natural Rosin Violin, Light

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A good cellist does not only have the necessary skills to play the cello, he/she must also be equipped with the necessary supplies such as a cello rosin. When choosing from the list of the best cello rosins, you want to pick a rosin that will make your cello sing.


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