Was Beethoven Black?

A radical new idea has taken the internet by storm.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a pianist, composer, and one of the most admired composer in Western music's history.

Over the years, various theories about Beethoven's possible African heritage have been raised due to Beethoven's dark complexion.

However, Beethoven was not Black because no evidence supports the claim.

In fact, genealogical evidence from as far as the 1400s shows that Beethoven's ancestors were Flemish.

However, there were a ton of unsung Black composers throughout history. 

George Bridgetower Bridgetower was an Afro-European composer and violinist who stayed in England for most of his life.

Joseph Bologne Joseph was a virtuoso violinist, conductor, renowned champion fencer, and classical composer. 

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was an English conductor and composer born in London in 1875. 

William Grant Still William is popularly known for his first symphony called the Afro-American Symphony.

Florence Price By the time she was eleven years old, Price had her first composition published.