12 Overplayed Artists We've All Heard Enough About

DJ Khaled

First on the list is DJ Khaled. According to one commentator, ‘He is the least talented person to ever be mistaken as a musician.’ Another user adds, ‘If he didn’t announce his names in his songs, you wouldn’t know it’s him.”

Adam Levine

Some Reddit users cannot stand Maroon 5’s lead vocalist, Adam Levine. “His music is mostly boring, and he seems like a douche,” says a middle-aged mom.


From looking at his name, 6ix9ine feels like a joke to some people. “It’s the kind of handle a 13-year-old boy would think is clever and cool,” reads one post.

Meghan Trainor

What even is a Hoobastank? It sounds like another echelon of badness below the level of stank. Those three-day-old Taco Bell burritos didn't just stink; they hooba-stank.


“Drake hasn’t made an actual good album since 2015-16. His fans literally just glazing because it’s Drake,” writes a commentator.