Best cello strings

10 Best Cello Strings Review 2020

Whether you’re looking for your first set of cello strings for a new cello or looking to try new strings to see how they sound, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the best cello strings available on the market to help you make an informed decision about which strings to get. No single cello string brand will sound the same on every cello since the wood in each cello absorbs and amplifies the vibrations from the cello strings differently. We recommend trying several different cello strings to understand which strings make your cello sing.
Best Violins For Kids

Best Kids Violins Review 2020

Whether your kid came to you asking to play violin or you want your child to start playing the violin, we can all agree...
best cello cases

10 Best Hard Cello Cases and Gig Bags 2020

Cellos are very delicate instruments that can get scratched or broken very easily due to their size and weight. Even if you are extremely careful...
Can i fly with a violin

Can You Fly With a Violin as Carry-On Luggage?

The short answer is yes, but different airlines have different guidelines. We at Orchestra Central have flown with violins before, but try to fly under...
lord of the rings play along book cello

Best Play-Along Beginner Cello Books

Do you have a child who just started learning the cello? Do you teach the beginning orchestra at a school? Do you teach privately...
carbon fiber bow

Best Carbon Fiber Cello Bows 2020

So you’re looking to step up from your very first bow… or maybe you’re looking for an “all-terrain” second bow… or maybe you’re a...

10 Greatest Cellists of All Time

Have you ever wondered who the greatest cellists of all time are? You've come to the right place because we have compiled a list...
cecilio cvn 300

10 Best Cecilio Violins 2020

Cecilio has proven itself to be one of the most trusted brands when it comes to musical instruments, especially for beginner violins. Cecilio stringed...
best cello stands (1)

Best Cello Stands 2020

Cellos are heavy instruments and it can be very annoying to have to put the cello back in its case everytime you play. You...
yamaha electric violin

Best Yamaha Electric Violins – Buying Guide for 2020

While acoustic violins generally get all of the attention, electric violins are instruments that can wow an audience. These violins can be made to...

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