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Musician Guitarist Playing Electric Guitar

The 20 All-Time Most Famous Guitarists

Lists of the greatest guitarists generally focus on performers in the blues and rock eras of the modern guitar. And there are lots of extraordinary blues and rock guitarists! Our team at Orchestra Central has listened to the music...
Orchestra Central's classical guitar songs for beginners featured image.

Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners (With Video Tutorial!)

Want to master playing a classic guitar? Start with these classical guitar songs for beginners. They have repetitive patterns, easy-to-remember plucking, and smooth transitions. We've even included a video tutorial so you can get started right away! Andantino in G by Ferdinando Carulli
Guitalele tuning featured image from Orchestra Central

Guitalele Tuning Guide

The guitalele might look like a lovechild of a guitar and ukulele, but it's not intimidating at all. It's easy to learn and much easier to carry than a regular guitar! But, how do you tune this adorable string instrument? The answer might surprise you! Here's everything...
drop tuning and other alternate guitar tuning featured image from Orchestra Central

Drop D Tuning and Other Alternate Guitar Tunings

Still have your guitar in the standard EADGBE tune? It's time to mix things up! Alternate guitar tunings like drop D tuning broadens your guitar playing horizon to riffs and power chords so you can play covers of songs from Kurt Cobain, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and...
Musician Guitarist Playing Electric Guitar

Top 30 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

A guitar solo represents a musician's passion and skill. It's essentially so much emotion released into an epic moment. The world is lucky enough to have witnessed countless of these moments. Which is why it was hard to narrow down the list of the GOAT guitar solos...
easy acoustic guitar songs featured image from Orchestra Central

15 Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs – With Video + Sheet

If you’ve just picked up a guitar and tried some of the easy acoustic guitar songs around the web, you may have wound up frustrated and confused. We’ve put together a list of acoustic guitar songs for beginners to clear things up for you. We included where...
Orchestra Central's best gifts for guitar players featured image.

Gifts for Guitar Players: What Every Guitar Player Needs

Not sure what to get your favorite aspiring guitarist? It can feel a bit intimidating when browsing gifts for guitar players. Do they need this strange metal clip called a capo or a brand-new set of strings? Regardless of their skill level, here is a list of...
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