Best Double Bass Wheels and Buggies 2020


If you have to lug your heavy double bass around on a regular basis, you’re going to want some help. Thankfully bass wheels, trollies, and buggies were invented to help you move your double bass. Below we’ve reviewed the best double bass buggies and wheel you can buy so that your decision can be easier than dragging your bass around. With these wheels and buggies you’ll be able to easily move your bass from home to car and car to performance and back without too much effort.


Bass Buggie or End-Pin Wheel?

The main decision you’ll have to make is whether you want a double bass buggie or end-pin wheel. Bass buggies require more set-up time before you’re ready to move your bass since you have to attach all of the straps, but they are much easier to steer and handle bumps betterEnd-pin wheels, on the other hand, are very convenient since you simply insert the tip of the wheel into the end-pin, but they are also more difficult to steer. In the end, it’s a personal choice and you might want to try both options to see which one works better for you.


Best Double Bass Wheels and Buggies

1. Shar Music Bass Buggie

The Shar Music bass buggie is our favorite way to move double basses. This is because it is one of the least confusing bass buggies since it only takes a few seconds to strap on the wheels and go. The double set of wheels provides cushioning when you hit bumps in the road so your bass will stay safe.

Unlike a traditional double bass wheel, buggies don’t put pressure on the lower part of your double bass so there is less risk of long-term damage. The straps attach securely to your bass and the buggie can even hold your bass upright on its own. We wouldn’t recommend relying on this feature as setting your bass down is always the safer option, but it’s nice to you can do so.

double bass buggie

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2. Bass Buggie “The Bass Wheel Alternative” by JPT Enterprises

“The bass wheel alternative” is another great double bass buggie. Manufactured by JPT Enterprises, it is a great choice for those who want a sturdy bass buggie. The bass buggie can handle some off-roading, something a traditional bass endpin wheel is unable to do. It can even go over a regular double bass bag in case of bad weather or if you want some extra padding. If you’re not willing or able to pay for the Shar Music bass buggie above, the JPT Enterprises buggie will serve you just as well.

double bass buggie

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3. Glasser Double Bass Wheel

If we have to recommend a double bass wheel, it has to be the Glasser one. This double bass wheel fits easily into your end-pin and gives you mobility within seconds. Great if you only have a short distance to traverse and know that there’s no rough terrain. This is great for moving your bass quickly indoors, such as on and off stage, since you know there won’t be too much rough terrain. The bass wheel even comes with a braking mechanism so your bass won’t start rolling away from you.

double bass wheel

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