Beautiful Double Bass Wine Cabinet




If you’re an avid bass patron or player looking for a way to spice up your dining room, this Contrabajo Mueble Bar from PortobelloStreet might just be the thing you need. This is a great way to express your passion for the double bass and the best part is if you’re trying to disguise how much of an alcoholic you are, your not-so-musically-inclined friends might think it really is just a regular bass sans strings!

If you are seriously considering buying this, PortobelloStreet is selling it for €2455 (~$2670) on their website.

The bar is made of natural wood and non-toxic finishes, it’s available in many colors and shades. The finish is shellac coated with beeswax to give the wood a silky texture. It is pure luxury for your dining or living room.



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