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Classical Music

piano concerto

Best Piano Concertos of All Time

As we all know, piano concertos are extremely popular all over the world. The beautiful melody of the piano accompanied by the orchestra can...
Best Violinists Of All Time

15 Greatest Violinists of All Time – Famous Violinists

Throughout time, music has influenced many cultures and the world itself as a form of self-expression and storytelling. But even more impressive are the...
Can i fly with a violin

Can You Fly With a Violin as Carry-On Luggage?

The short answer is yes, but different airlines have different guidelines. We at Orchestra Central have flown with violins before, but try to fly under...

Best Mendini Violins Review 2021

Whether you are a beginning violinist or a professional player, you might want to consider the brand of violin that you are going to...


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Characteristics of Medieval Music

Being the first documented and the longest classical era, medieval music has a distinct sound. As a matter of fact, there are five characteristics of medieval music that make it unique versus other periods. Some of which are still alive today, especially when referring to Gregorian chants. Here are the top five attributes of medieval music: 1. Monophony Medieval music was very monopolistic. The term "monophony" was first coined in the late 1800s. It refers to music with only one melody line. One perfect example is the Gregorian...
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What Is Bass Clef?

The bass clef, otherwise known as the F clef, directs the player to play the note lower on the staff. In this article, we will discuss what bass clef is, why it exists, and what instrument reads this type of clef. We've also included tips about bass clef identification and how to remember it. What Is It? It is a symbol that looks like the letter "F" with two dots. The symbol sits on the second line of treble clef staff, also referred to as...
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What Is Tenor Clef?

Tenor clef is one of the most common types of musical notation. It's the fourth clef in order, and it tells you which notes get played by the tenor part of the choir. But, don't worry! It is the easiest to read because it has fewer lines than other clefs, and you can find it in both treble and bass clef. Tenor Clef: What Is It? This clef is a type of musical symbol that is used to notate the tenor voice. The clef has...
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12 Famous Baroque Composers

The diverse music and rich history of the 150-year Baroque period wouldn't be the same without these skilled Baroque composers. Some names in our 12 most famous baroque music composers may even be familiar to you. Today, we're diving into their lives, famous works, and how they've become household names in music. 1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Born into a large and renowned German family of musicians, Johann Sebastian Bach was a musical prodigy, admired for his virtuosity and skill. But Bach was...
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What Are the Different Classical Music Eras?

Music, the way it is today, has come a long way. The music progress can fit seven main periods from the last thousand years or so. Each of the classical music eras has something musically unique that sets it apart from the rest. 7 Classical Music Eras Learning the progression of music through these distinct periods will make you appreciate what music has become today. Here are the main musical periods and some of their famous composers. 1. Medieval (1150 – 1400)
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Top Composer of 20th Century

The top composer of 20th century brought classical music to new heights. How did they become musicians? What were their sources of inspiration, and how were they recognized for their achievements? Read on to learn more about fifteen of the greatest modern composers, exploring their backgrounds and most notable works. 1. Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) Stravinsky was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. His parents, an opera singer and a bureaucrat, desired for him to become a lawyer. But after seeing a performance...
Best Bass Trombones

Best Bass Trombones 2021 – Switching to Bass Trombone

So you’ve decided to switch to bass trombone, or are thinking about making the change. This article is the perfect resource for you, as we’ll talk about the art of changing from tenor trombone to bass trombone, talk about who should or should not actually purchase a bass trombone, go over features of the bass trombone that make it different than other trombones, and go over some recommended brands for players on a variety of budgets. What It’s Like to Play Bass Trombone Making the switch from tenor trombone to bass trombone may seem like a giant step. The general pedagogy...
Oboe Concertos

Best Oboe Concertos of All Time

The oboe is a beautiful solo instrument that features in many symphonies as well as concertos. We've collected the ten best oboe concertos into the following list so that you can enjoy the lovely melodies of this instrument. 1. Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in C Major, Op. 9, No. 5 This beautiful oboe concerto is written by Italian composer Albinoni. He completed it in 1722. This superb composition most certainly will bring joy to your mind. Your heart will leap up with joy with the wonderful mirroring of sound. Don’t be surprised if your heart starts frolicking with the beautiful music. This is...
Trombone Mouthpiece

12 Best Trombone Mouthpieces

As a trombone player, you want to have the best equipment possible in order to play the best music. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the trombone mouthpiece. Trombone mouthpieces provide a significant contribution to the success of your performance. Do not settle for a subpar mouthpiece. Choosing the wrong trombone mouthpiece might affect your ability to create quality music. To guide you in choosing the best mouthpiece for your instrument, we have compiled ten of the best trombone mouthpieces on the market. 1. Yamaha YAC...
Viola Jokes

The Best Viola Jokes

Violas have always been the butt of viola jokes since first violins came into existence. According to WikiPedia, "The viola jokes are thought to have originated from the 18th century when the part of the viola was very uncomplicated and often just a filler part, thus attracting musicians who were not usually very talented either musically or intellectually." I play the viola so I have had to listen to these viola jokes for the bulk of my viola career and they have not become any funnier over the years. While the history of the viola jokes is relatively unknown,  The Strad has...

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15 Most Expensive Violins in the World

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